Monday, January 2, 2017

Morning Coffee & Eggs

Yesterday, I did well until I started late night snacking. I didn't eat bad, it was just a lot of chex mix which as we all know is so high in sodium.  Do I feel bloated this morning....of course. Not something I want to continue. Time to make the kitchen closed at 8PM.

Our last day of Winter Vacation is today! My little one let me sleep into until 9AM which was amazing. I started my day with my usual coffee, in my lovely little mug!

With that I had my eggs in a boat! No judgment over my white bread. It is what we had in the house and honestly, for this simple breakfast is the best. Plus you pull out the middle of the bread and only eat about half a slice each. Simple and delicious is perfect for me.  I tend to prefer a hot breakfast over cold. 

Do you have a breakfast preference? Shakes, bars, yogurt? What do you eat the most? I love breakfast and do my best to eat it daily.

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