Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you buy, it you will eat it

That doesn't always in my household. Well, unless it is sugar and then yes, I eat all things.  Last week, I grocery shopped mid week because I new our weekend would be crazy. That means, I watched food it there and thought about cooking it.

Sunday, I finally decided to stop looking at it and actually cook! I am proud to say we at all our meals at home on Sunday. If you know us, this is rare. However, it is a baby step in the correct direction for me.  I then proceeded to food prep for the week while the family started carving pumpkins. See, I don't like doing that, as much as, I like to cook and eat the pumpkin seeds.

Meal prep was done and I have 5 lunches and 5 breakfast planned for the week. Not pictured are breakfast burritos wrapped and ready for a quick reheat.


Well, its is Wednesday and I didn't get this posted so I figured I would update. Overall, I have been eating to my plan. I have had a couple of slip ups, like the soda I drank last night. The good thing about slip ups is it quickly reminds me why I want to limit certain foods. The soda kept me up last night until 2:30AM, which makes me feel worse today. Nothing, like a little reminder. :)

One day at time, one day at a time - I just keep moving forward is what I keep repeating.

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  1. My post can sooo relate...loved the title of this post...