Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Preview

In early September little Miss found her costume.  She carried it around Target until I agreed to buy it for her.  Trust me when I say, there is nothing cuter then a 3 year old unicorn.

Well, except maybe a 3 year old Wonder Women. These are pajamas, but she has been wearing them as much as she can. 


My oldest, can never seem to decided what she wants. This year, we have gone from wanting to be Little Red Riding Hood to a Pirate. Yet, after spending forever in the costume store we walk out with Cleopatra. She will make an adorable Cleopatra. 

Of course, I am the smart mom (insert sarcasm), who purchased her kids white costumes. We live in Washington, and I can promise the ground is going to be wet when we trick or treat. Oh, well one year I will learn. :)

Do you dress up for Halloween? I am probably just going to be a bat again this year.

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  1. No dressing up here.....although my 17 year old is going to a birthday/Halloween party tonight and I think she is wearing her onesie be comfy and going as a "baby". ;-)