Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Preview

In early September little Miss found her costume.  She carried it around Target until I agreed to buy it for her.  Trust me when I say, there is nothing cuter then a 3 year old unicorn.

Well, except maybe a 3 year old Wonder Women. These are pajamas, but she has been wearing them as much as she can. 


My oldest, can never seem to decided what she wants. This year, we have gone from wanting to be Little Red Riding Hood to a Pirate. Yet, after spending forever in the costume store we walk out with Cleopatra. She will make an adorable Cleopatra. 

Of course, I am the smart mom (insert sarcasm), who purchased her kids white costumes. We live in Washington, and I can promise the ground is going to be wet when we trick or treat. Oh, well one year I will learn. :)

Do you dress up for Halloween? I am probably just going to be a bat again this year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you buy, it you will eat it

That doesn't always in my household. Well, unless it is sugar and then yes, I eat all things.  Last week, I grocery shopped mid week because I new our weekend would be crazy. That means, I watched food it there and thought about cooking it.

Sunday, I finally decided to stop looking at it and actually cook! I am proud to say we at all our meals at home on Sunday. If you know us, this is rare. However, it is a baby step in the correct direction for me.  I then proceeded to food prep for the week while the family started carving pumpkins. See, I don't like doing that, as much as, I like to cook and eat the pumpkin seeds.

Meal prep was done and I have 5 lunches and 5 breakfast planned for the week. Not pictured are breakfast burritos wrapped and ready for a quick reheat.


Well, its is Wednesday and I didn't get this posted so I figured I would update. Overall, I have been eating to my plan. I have had a couple of slip ups, like the soda I drank last night. The good thing about slip ups is it quickly reminds me why I want to limit certain foods. The soda kept me up last night until 2:30AM, which makes me feel worse today. Nothing, like a little reminder. :)

One day at time, one day at a time - I just keep moving forward is what I keep repeating.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weak Sauce

Ever do something you thought was easy?

Then wake up the next day super sore. That is how I feel after playing Just Dance 2016 with my 9 year old. We played Sunday night for about 45 minutes straight. It was fun, we giggle and laughed. Especially, when she set it to record us....only it was only focused on my butt! YAY, trust me the ankle you never want to see when dancing.

Monday, I was fine, well until I reached back in the car and was like Whoa! My arms hurt and remembered it was from all the arm motions. Monday, night at dinner the family made fun of me, which was deserved. :) So, I challenged her to another round.


I am so out of shape. Today, my legs and arms are sore. I feel like I did when I used to run half marathons. It was a bit of a wake up call or another realization that I need to move more.  This comes after last week I went to donate blood and my blood pressure was to high to donate.  Nothing luck trying to do a good think and your body telling you. Nope, not this time dummy.

I pulled out my 21 Day fix chart. My goal is to start doing better. I am keep making these plans, and having no action. Maybe instead I should stop planning and just start doing. Even if it means getting my booty handed to me at Just Dance, it is better then having a booty that can't dance.