Friday, August 5, 2016

When I say Go, you say


Cheer season is officially starting on Monday.  We have had camp, rookie practice but Monday starts our full squad practice. Not going to lie, I might be a little scared. I was not a cheerleader, I played basketball. Coaching basketball would be easier for me, but instead my oldest wanted to do Cheer. Last year, I watched. This year I volunteered to coach.  There is nothing more humbling then trying to figure out how to cheer. Again, not a cheerleader, not a dancer and the last time I did gymnastics I was in elementary school.

With all of that it is fun! My kiddo loves it and my youngest wants to be just like big sister, which means I have many more years of cheer to come.

In other news, since coming back from Chicago I have been in serious product testing mode. Yesterday, it was a new mask, Sugar Mama body scrub and Fall Out Girl body wash!  I love 
them all. The mask is a tighten and brighten mask, which at 38 I need all the help I can get. The Sugar Scrub, will not leave you greasy and smells like salted caramel, hello YUM! Fall out girl is a black berry wash, that doesn't mesh well with the body scrub but smells amazing on its own. 

Oh and down there in the corner of the picture is our new Orange Cara-mellow Sugar Lip Scrub. If that doesn't have you licking your lips, I don't know what will. It tastes like a creamcicle and leaves your lips so moisturized and soft.  I love a good lip scrub. I love my little soap and lotion business, especially when new products come out. Nothing better then pampering yourself and making money.

Off to put my little one down or her afternoon nap, have a fab weekend.

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