Monday, August 1, 2016

Well, I tried!

I really did  want to blog my entire trip as it happened, but then I got cheap and didn't want to pay for Internet access at the second hotel. By the way, that is the dumbest thing. If I am already paying way to much for a room, shouldn't Internet be free. Just saying! 

Anyways, I had a fab time in Chicago, we toured, we ate and we celebrated our Posh accomplishments.

Let's see I rocked a cheer bow for team spirit nothing like a high pony and a big bow to show your team spirit!

After eating Chicago style hotdogs, I picked a Louisville style one day for lunch!  Who doesn't love melty cheese, bacon and onion rings on your hot dog....oh and a pretzel bun. So good! I will say, almost felt guilty as I saw many of my friends at a Beach Body conference posting all these healthy items. But then, well I tasted it! Yumm!

Saturday morning, I also earned my Tiffany Bracelet! You earn this by hitting the 3rd highest rank with Perfectly Posh. That is right, a little direct sales company, you know those ones you never make money at. Well, I must have figured something out as I am making money and moving up the ranks with a little hard work and business ownership!

Oh, and we ate some more!  Amazing burger from Lake an State in the Wit hotel!  I had some great food in Chicago so if you ever need a reason to visit, besides all of the sites - food!

I got home last night, I still feel a bit hungover from all of the poshy fun! Tomorrow starts, getting back on track with eating. I might even step on the scale to see if did any damage or if accomplished enough movement to make it equal out!

What do you think? Hotels should have free WiFi right? Especially 4/5 star hotels.

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