Friday, August 5, 2016

Lake Day!

Some days you go to work and be a grown up. Other days you decide to take the day off and play with the family.

Wednesday was the perfect day to go surfing with the family! Our girls love the water and living near the lake makes it for easy family fun.   My oldest has wanted to start wake surfing, the problem is she needs to get over her fear of it. It is crazy, how you can want to do something and be so afraid at the same time.  She was able to get up with my husband for a little while before giving in to fear.

My little miss just isn't ready yet. She can't stay focused long enough to hold on. She does love swimming and just hanging out on the surf board.

I am lucky to have grown up around boats as a child, I am feel blessed that we can share this fun with our children. 

One of these days, I am going to start working out with intention again. I have goals, I just need to stop thinking about the goals and start working on them.

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