Monday, August 15, 2016

I love Summer

If you have followed my blog at all, over the years, you know that I love summer!

I love hot weather, I love playing in the sun and at the lake. This weekend was AMAZING and we spent way to much time

My oldest was afraid of tubing, which I am not sure why as this kid loves rides and waterslides. After some convincing, she was ready to go a little faster.  My youngest on the other hand loved it. She wanted to sit up and even tried to stand up at one time. 

Sunday we had even more fun in the sun, spending the morning playing out side riding bikes and skateboarding. Moving to a Cheer get together in the afternoon at the beach. I heart our cheer squad this year. The girls are great and have so much fun outside of cheer together.  I am exhausted and don't even know where to start on hitting my goals for this week. I will check in tomorrow and see where I am.
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creating habits

For the past few weeks I have been trying to get into good skincare habits. I know, I know you should always wash your make up at night. But, you know, get the kids to bed. Prep for the next day and the last thing I want to do is wash my face.

However, as I get older I know I need to. My main problem is I don't like systems. I don't like things that are going to take to long. What I do like are products that get the job done without a bunch of nasty chemicals on your skin.

One of the items that I received from Skinny & Co last week was a make up remover/face wash.  I started using it right away, as I like one step systems. Remove make up and clean my face at the same time...sold!

I live in Washington, so Coconut oil is always solid for me, which is a good thing. I scoop a little out and the warmth from my hands turns it into oil. This makes it so easy to apply and wash my face. A warm wash cloth later and my make up is removed and my face is clean.

How cute are their 2oz jars, yes real glass jars. A hazard in my house with a small child, but oh so adorable.  I paired it with my favorite night serum and crème. Followed up with my must have night time lip mask and bam! My face has never looked better.

On the list to try still is they body scrub and body oil! So far, I am really impressed with the quality of the oil and the products. Want to try them yourself, use this 15% off any Skinny & Co. order code. - SKINNYCO15 and see what you might like.

What do you use coconut oil for?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stuck in rut

Ever feel stuck, like you just can't get out of the rut. Whether it be a good one where you are working out but board or a bad one, where you can't get the motivation to move forward.

That is where I am right now. I fell like I just can't get over a hump, the hump that kicks me into the good habits and the wanting to workout.  In order to overcome this, and bump myself over the hump I decided it was time to set some goals for the rest of the month.

Here we go:

1. Run 2x a week - using C25K method, more if I feel up to it. Focus on 2 days right now.
2. Limit coffee to 2 cups, no sugar creamer. Use Stevia and half and half
3. No fast food, should be an obvious one, but we tend to fall into a rut in our household.

The plan is to make the goals attainable and to continue to build on them as I go.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Skinny & Co Unboxing

Can I get a, woot woot!! I love unboxing stuff. I usually only do video's in my private VIP group, but today I thought I would share one on my blog.

I received a package from Skinny &Co  to try some of there coconut oil based products.  Coconut oil is great for the skin, and I have always wanted to do oil pulling.   Watch my video to see which items I received to try. Check back over the next few weeks for my reviews.


What do you love to use coconut oil for? Have you done the oil pulling? Off to research and see what I can find. I can't wait to try some of these things. I wonder if I can get my husband to try it with me.

Friday, August 5, 2016

When I say Go, you say


Cheer season is officially starting on Monday.  We have had camp, rookie practice but Monday starts our full squad practice. Not going to lie, I might be a little scared. I was not a cheerleader, I played basketball. Coaching basketball would be easier for me, but instead my oldest wanted to do Cheer. Last year, I watched. This year I volunteered to coach.  There is nothing more humbling then trying to figure out how to cheer. Again, not a cheerleader, not a dancer and the last time I did gymnastics I was in elementary school.

With all of that it is fun! My kiddo loves it and my youngest wants to be just like big sister, which means I have many more years of cheer to come.

In other news, since coming back from Chicago I have been in serious product testing mode. Yesterday, it was a new mask, Sugar Mama body scrub and Fall Out Girl body wash!  I love 
them all. The mask is a tighten and brighten mask, which at 38 I need all the help I can get. The Sugar Scrub, will not leave you greasy and smells like salted caramel, hello YUM! Fall out girl is a black berry wash, that doesn't mesh well with the body scrub but smells amazing on its own. 

Oh and down there in the corner of the picture is our new Orange Cara-mellow Sugar Lip Scrub. If that doesn't have you licking your lips, I don't know what will. It tastes like a creamcicle and leaves your lips so moisturized and soft.  I love a good lip scrub. I love my little soap and lotion business, especially when new products come out. Nothing better then pampering yourself and making money.

Off to put my little one down or her afternoon nap, have a fab weekend.

Lake Day!

Some days you go to work and be a grown up. Other days you decide to take the day off and play with the family.

Wednesday was the perfect day to go surfing with the family! Our girls love the water and living near the lake makes it for easy family fun.   My oldest has wanted to start wake surfing, the problem is she needs to get over her fear of it. It is crazy, how you can want to do something and be so afraid at the same time.  She was able to get up with my husband for a little while before giving in to fear.

My little miss just isn't ready yet. She can't stay focused long enough to hold on. She does love swimming and just hanging out on the surf board.

I am lucky to have grown up around boats as a child, I am feel blessed that we can share this fun with our children. 

One of these days, I am going to start working out with intention again. I have goals, I just need to stop thinking about the goals and start working on them.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My 9 and 3

The end of July and into August is birthday celebrations all around in our family.  We celebrated my oldest birthday at the end of July with her turning 9 and just looking like a grown up. Seriously, when did this happen! She is so full of life and I am happy to say just wants to play outside with her friends. This year is going to be a blast, with Cheer season just starting, going to a new school and making lots of new friends.
My little miss turned three yesterday and has always been known as the sour and sweet child! Don't let this cute exterior full you. This child is full of energy and will go from jumping off the top of the coach to giving you hugs and kisses and asking if you are okay in 2 seconds.
Fail Cake! I am not crafty - I am no a DIYer in any way shape or form. So when I attempted to make a cake that looked like a cat on a whim, well this is what you get. I am thankful my 3 year old could see my attempt and was happy with her kit-cat cake as she called it. Just don't ask me to make baked goods for you. :) It will taste good but look terrible.

Next birthday up is my husbands, in a couple of weeks. Until then we wait for summer to show back up.  In Chicago last weekend it was hot and muggy. This morning, I am sitting in a hoodie and waiting for the sun to come out behind those clouds.

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Well, I tried!

I really did  want to blog my entire trip as it happened, but then I got cheap and didn't want to pay for Internet access at the second hotel. By the way, that is the dumbest thing. If I am already paying way to much for a room, shouldn't Internet be free. Just saying! 

Anyways, I had a fab time in Chicago, we toured, we ate and we celebrated our Posh accomplishments.

Let's see I rocked a cheer bow for team spirit nothing like a high pony and a big bow to show your team spirit!

After eating Chicago style hotdogs, I picked a Louisville style one day for lunch!  Who doesn't love melty cheese, bacon and onion rings on your hot dog....oh and a pretzel bun. So good! I will say, almost felt guilty as I saw many of my friends at a Beach Body conference posting all these healthy items. But then, well I tasted it! Yumm!

Saturday morning, I also earned my Tiffany Bracelet! You earn this by hitting the 3rd highest rank with Perfectly Posh. That is right, a little direct sales company, you know those ones you never make money at. Well, I must have figured something out as I am making money and moving up the ranks with a little hard work and business ownership!

Oh, and we ate some more!  Amazing burger from Lake an State in the Wit hotel!  I had some great food in Chicago so if you ever need a reason to visit, besides all of the sites - food!

I got home last night, I still feel a bit hungover from all of the poshy fun! Tomorrow starts, getting back on track with eating. I might even step on the scale to see if did any damage or if accomplished enough movement to make it equal out!

What do you think? Hotels should have free WiFi right? Especially 4/5 star hotels.