Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Slipping back into old habits

The first of the year started and I quickly slipped into old habits. A cookie here, an extra coffee there. Before I knew it I found that I had gained back all the weight I had worked hard to lose. I became upset and lost my focus.
This morning, I woke up and the first thing I felt was pain. Then I stepped on the scale, something I hadn't done in a few weeks and wanted to cry.  The sad reality that the pain I had in my rotator cuff, was not only from a bad nights sleep but the fact that I had gained weight back didn't help.
I decided to not workout this week or at least until I can move my arm without wincing and really focus the rest of the month on food.  I cleaned of my 21 day fix planner and fired up my Myfitnesspal account to track it all.   This month, I have been really working locating my food triggers and my breakdowns.
This month, my triggers are sugar, as always but secondly when I get home from work. I pick my kids up on the way and they want snacks. But as I am feeding them snacks I am finding myself snacking, of course it isn't on anything good.  My goal is to start making protein shakes when I come homes. Something sweet to satisfy that craving but without over doing it.  A good friend has shared some from the Dashing Dish that I want to try. I mean seriosusly, how good does this Red Velvet Cheesecake Protein Shake look? Aaaamazing right?  I will defiantly share after I try it.


  1. Oh that does sound good! I am loving my protein shakes and they really do help with sweets cravings.

    It seems like a lot of us are struggling with staying on track right now. I think we all need springtime to hurry up and get here!

  2. It is so hard to start over again, I am doing the same thing after chronic pain issues the last few years. I am back to counting calories and getting daily exercise of some form or another in. I also was given a fitbit one for my 45th birthday and it has helped tremendously. Almost 6lbs gone this month alone. Keep at it, you did it once and you can do it again. Blessings.