Thursday, February 25, 2016

12 fun ways to burn 100 Calories

Since, going back to work in September, I have always looked for ways to burn a few extra calories. Sitting at a desk all day as a way of slowing you down.   One thing I try to do every day is get out and walk, sadly it often ends up with me at Starbucks. So, that 100 calories I burned walking is instantly erased.  I have been eye balling another path close to my work that won't take me near food or coffee. If start taking a new path, but need a snack when I return to work there are a lot of great examples of healthy options out there.  I love a good smoothie, I am eyeing the Peaches n' Cream Smoothie, ohhhh or the Pina Colada, on The Light that is Right site. Trust me, I will share when I have a chance to make them.
Until then I am exploring other options to easily burn 100 calories in a short amount of time.  An easy favorite in my household is dancing. Both my kiddos (age 2 and 8) love to put on Pandora and dance around the living room.
What is an easy fun way you like to burn calories?

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  1. Starbucks is just good for the soul. ;) You still do your body good by just going for the walk!

    I've heard that just fidgeting throughout the day can help you burn extra calories. Like bouncing your legs while you're at your desk working, etc.