Tuesday, December 1, 2015

21 Day fix Round 2

In November, I started the 21 day fix for like the 100th time. This time I was determine to finish it and I did.  I may not have been 100% all the time, I still drank coffee with creamer, I was able to lose 9 lbs.

In my one week off, I tested some other workouts through Beachbody and enjoyed some good food. November 30th, I started round two. Only this time I am going to do the 3 Day Refresh starting tomorrow. :)

My plan for the first day of the refresh:

Breakfast: Shakeology with mixed berries

Tea - I hate tea, but if I can't have coffee then I need something warm to fill that spot.

Fiber Sweep -  I have heard good and bad. I plan to just chug it.

Lunch: Vanilla Fresh, Pear, Red Peppers and Hummus

Snack: Celery and hummus and then Tea later in the day.

Dinner: Is a veggie stir fry with a some veggie broth.

I am nervous! I know I can do it, it's only three days.

Wish me luck, maybe I will start blogging more. :)


  1. Good luck!! I'm sure you will do great! You should try what I'm doing. I've lost 17 lbs. pretty fast- which makes me so happy.

  2. I just noticed this is 8 days old...lol I hope it went well! ;)