Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Update

It is summer in Washington and I am happy!  : )

I started the 21 Day fix on Thursday, odd day to start but that is with the FB group and the goal is to take us right up to the Fourth of July. Sounds good to me, I plan to do another round right after that as I am going to Atlanta at the end of July and can use all the help.

Thursday, I started but I didn't have my booklet, so I did best effort. Friday, evening everything showed up so I was able to do my first official workout. I love that they are short but tough. My ankle is holding, but I need to do my workouts early because by the end of the day my foot is sore.

Saturday, I decided to double up on the workouts and did the upper and lower fix back to back. While tough, totally doable. Some of the exercise I am modifying while my ankle gets stronger but overall I could do 90% of them.  Sunday's workout was Pilates it was a perfect workout for the end of the weekend.

The food! No calorie counting, just containers. It makes it simple, I have been planning out my meals the night before to keep it simple. I know many people plan for the week, but I work from home most days so eating is pretty easy. It is staying away from the bad stuff that is hard.

Sunday we spent the day on our boat, but I was ready and packed snacks for the entire afternoon. Normally, I would be eating a PB&J, chips, cookies and chocolate. this time I packed 2 - 30oz of water and everything I needed to stay on track.

I plan to take one day at a time and just keep moving forward. I am excited to see what the first week of results brings. I took new before photos, but I am not ready to share those until I have an after photo to go by its side.
How was your weekend? 


  1. busy but fun and kind of back is bugging me and I didn't sleep well so I am opting for a nap rather than a work out very soon. I hate aches either tooth aches or back aces seem to be the worse for me. ;-(

  2. Good luck with the 21 Day Fix. It is a good food plan and easy to follow. I love the workouts too!