Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Update

This weekend the sun came out in Washington! It was beautiful. Saturday were able to take our boat out and do some swimming in the lake.  The girls had a blast, even if they don't look like it. My youngest did not want to get out of the water even though she was shivering. 

The heat continued through Sunday and is expected to last all week! This is going to make it very difficult to work, since I work from home.  My oldest kiddo has a week and half left of school, so I am sure the nice weather is going to make it difficult for the kids and the teachers.

This weekend I also did a little shopping, which is never fun. I miss the day when I could walk into any store and buy clothing that fit me. Now, I am limited to stores that carry plus size clothing, which are mostly blah or to edgy for me. But, that also motivated me to buy the 21 day fix. I ordered it this weekend and joined a FB group that starts today and I hope that will help keep me motivated. I have heard/read the work outs are short which is what my foot needs. Anything over about 30 minutes is just to much for me right now, so short but effective workouts are perfect.

I plan to track my eating here, so hopefully I can keep it updated nightly on my progress and struggles.

Hope you have an amazing week!

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  1. good to hear from you....Ill be curious to see what you think of the 21-day fix.