Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Didn't go as planned

As I wait  for my 21 day fix stuff to arrive, I had planned to track what I was eating and taking pictures. I actually, took all of my pictures but then my phone was being a pain on the butt and not uploading properly.

So yes, no pictures because I am to lazy to email them then download, then upload....so a quick recap of yesterday's eating. 

Ezekiel bread thin sliced
1 egg
2 slices of bacon
All made into a yummy Sandwich
With a side of coffee

Grilled Tuna Melt on Ezekiel thin cut bread
raw veggies and hummus

Some more raw veggies

Homemade Beef and Broccoli with a 1/2 cup of rice

I may have had, okay no may I had a couple handfuls of Almond M&Ms at the end of the day. I blame the heat.    I didn't get a workout in on Monday, but today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and light arm weights. Food has been almost exactly the same, except dinner will be a hamburger with no bun and grilled veggies.

Slow and steady and I have been reading as much as I can about the 21 day fix so I am so ready to go when it arrives.

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