Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 5 & 6

Monday was Day 5 and the weigh in day. I am down 2lbs, but I am trying not think about that and just keep focusing on eating and getting in the workouts.

The workout for day 5 was cardio fix. I enjoyed it but still had to do some substitutions. I hate starting over, I hope this the last time I have to completely start over and that I can build up my fitness endurance.

The 21 Day fix is all about planning, making sure you have your snacks and meals ready so you are less likely to cheat. Many people will plan out the entire week, while this is great. It really doesn't work for me. Instead the night before I plan out my meals and leave a little post it on my computer. This allows me to have one day ready and remind myself what is next. See, I work from home and let me tell you no matter how much I am prepared, the bad foods in he pantry all my name. :)
This method so far helps me stay on track and a constant reminder of what I need. After I eat I log my containers in an app on my phone, that also tracks my workouts and weight change.
Today is Day 6 and my plan looks like this:
- Greek yogurt with Berries, coffee w/almond milk and 2 hard boiled eggs
- Pear / Almonds
- Chicken lettuce wraps and side salad
- Apple w/ PB, side of veggies
D - Chicken Fajita stir fry  (Making Fajita's for the family and just going to mix in a bunch of extra veggies for me)

I am trying to eat out of every category, even if I don't hit all of  the number of containers. It is a lot of food, when you are at the top calorie level.  Hopefully, after the first round, I can drop down and not stress about eating it all.

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