Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cast Free, well sort of

I can't believe I forgot to write about this. I didn't forgot, just every time I sat down nothing came out. And then I got sick, yes all of last week was spent miserable.

On Monday March 30th, I was released from then walking boot officially from the doctor. I had taken the boot of the week before, but it was official. I would only have to wear the lace up brace for the month of April. After that only when I workout for the rest of the year.

But let's back up to Monday morning, well actually Sunday night. I started feeling like crap. I went to bed hoping it was nothing. My youngest had been sick all weekend and I was afraid I got what she had.

Monday, I called the doctor to take her in as she had barley had anything to eat in 3 days and my throat was on fire. The doctor confirmed we both had something viral, she was in the middle and I was just starting. We drove home, I dropped the youngest off and drove to the orthopedic doctor where I received the happy news I was boot free. Sadly, I felt like crap. I spent most of Tuesday in bed and started to swing up on Wednesday. But my oldest kid was now sick with the stomach bug.

Thursday, I turned another year older and felt almost better. It sucked though as I spent my birthday in a long meeting at work and then eating pizza and cake. Okay, that wasn't that bad.

Friday, we decided it would be best to cancel any Easter plans. We really didn't want to share our colds/flu like symptoms with anyone else. It was sad to miss out on the fun but it was what was best for our family!

Monday, I sping rode my bike for the first time this year!  It was only twenty minutes, but my ankle felt great.

Tuesday, I attended my first Hot Yoga class of 2015!  Oh how I have missed you. I was hesitant on many poses, would my ankle hold, would it hurt. The truth is I probably held back a little to much. But it was my first time in a class in two years! I so needed this and I can't wait to go back.

All caught up and now it is time to get to bed.


  1. Smart move on staying home for Easter....too many germs out there to share with others and even though relatives LOVE you they were probably glad you chose not to share your germs too. ;-)

    Wow...cast off! Must feel great...as I am sure the cake did on your throat...ice cream is always my go to with a sore throat. HA! Who am I kidding ..... it's simply always my go to.

  2. Yay for finally getting back to normal! That cake looks delicious... But what cake doesn't? :)