Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Apps do you like?

If you have followed me long you will know I used to be an avid BodyBug user. That is how I lost my weight after my first kiddo.  I loved it, but I hated wearing it on my arm.

This time around I am using a combo of My Fitness Pal and my Fit Bit. If you use either friend me:

And I plan to start posting more of my crazy shenanigans on Instagram, I broke my phone for a while and wasn't  able to post.  The husband was able to replace the screen and now I am golden!  It was sad when I had to revert back to my old phone and lose some of my apps.

I also just signed up for Daily Burn on Hulu Plus. Okay, that is a lie I signed up like two weeks ago, but today I did my first workout.  I signed up under the True Beginner since I am pretty much starting over.  My first workout was called Stability and Mobility and overall felt like a nice stretch. I think it will be good to get me back into it as my ankle continues to heal. 

Yes, I did workout with my boot on and yes, it was very awkward. The boot comes off on Friday!

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  1. I am sick of every work out or "track your food" app out there. Too me it just takes too much time to put every thing in the log...maybe I eat too much? ha! I just want to eat and eat healthy with some snacks .....with out having to write it down and keep track of every little morsel.

    Is that asking too much? Maybe?