Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 7 - Not much change

No photo this week of my foot. I honestly don't think it looks much different. The countdown is on though. One more week in the boot. It is really hard to put it on every day, but when I walk around without it I get scared. I know my ankle is strong, but I still hear that voice in the back of my head.

The voice of the doctor saying "you need to lose weight", the voice that is always there.  I stepped on the scale this morning to a 2lb loss. It feels like nothing, but I am doing my best to celebrate the small goals. I put the scale away so I won't step on it again until next Friday. I am trying to take the pressure off that scale and just focus on eating.

For the past few weeks I have used the excuse that I have a boot to not workout. Then this morning while standing with my daughter at the bus stop, I saw someone out for a walk with their boot. Not just a easy stroll, but a power walk with their dog. I need to stop making excuse and start doing something. Tonight I am setting some goals or checkpoints for next week:

Drink 100oz of water a day 
Walk 20 minutes a day 
3 days do an weight arm routine M/W/TH

These are doable! There is no reason I can't do this, well the reason is I am lazy. I need to get back into the habit.   I need to remind myself of this.

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  1. Yup...I hear ya....I am constantly reminding myself of that too. Hey 2 pounds is 2 pounds.....way to go!!