Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 15: Meet Greenie

Yesterday, I went in and had my soft cast removed and Greenie replaced it.  They cut off the soft cast an my foot got about 20 minutes of free time. Not that it could do anything, but it was nice not to have the cast on it. 
I have about a 2.5 inch incision on the outside, and 3 smaller area's where they went in to look for other problems. Thankfully, none were found. :)  After looking at cast the entire day before I decided on green! The husband wanted black and the kids wanted pink, but the green color just looked so pretty online.
 It lighted up a little but it is still a really cool Kelly Green color! The best part is I have a pair of KEENs that match it perfectly! :)
I head back in two weeks to have this beauty cut off and then move into a walking boot with 50% weight baring for a month. At least it will be easier to shower with a walking boot.
I am getting antsy to see what my timeline is for walking/running post boot. Maybe by June? Who knows but I can't wait to make a come back.

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  1. Wasn't sure about meeting Greenie.....thought it may be a pet or something? ha! Who knew~ Moving in the right direction at least.