Tuesday, December 1, 2015

21 Day fix Round 2

In November, I started the 21 day fix for like the 100th time. This time I was determine to finish it and I did.  I may not have been 100% all the time, I still drank coffee with creamer, I was able to lose 9 lbs.

In my one week off, I tested some other workouts through Beachbody and enjoyed some good food. November 30th, I started round two. Only this time I am going to do the 3 Day Refresh starting tomorrow. :)

My plan for the first day of the refresh:

Breakfast: Shakeology with mixed berries

Tea - I hate tea, but if I can't have coffee then I need something warm to fill that spot.

Fiber Sweep -  I have heard good and bad. I plan to just chug it.

Lunch: Vanilla Fresh, Pear, Red Peppers and Hummus

Snack: Celery and hummus and then Tea later in the day.

Dinner: Is a veggie stir fry with a some veggie broth.

I am nervous! I know I can do it, it's only three days.

Wish me luck, maybe I will start blogging more. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

First step is admitting

The first step is admitting you have a problem right.

This past weekend I took the fist step in admitting I have an issue with food.   Forget my past, forget how before my last child (two years ago) I was running half marathons and super active. Forget my comeback was super lack luster. Then I was injured, then surgery in January. Recover was slow and I even took a pretty bad tumble this summer. Forget it all! No more excuses.

This past Saturday we had our carpets cleaned.  When my husband told me they would be there between 8-11AM, I am pretty sure I looked at him like he was crazy.  Either way, they were coming and we needed to pick everything up off the floor before the arrived. As I was cleaning out my closet, I decided that I was only going to put clothing back in the fit me.

See, I was tired of getting up for work and looking at my closet in despair. Looking at 90% of the stuff that wouldn't fit or would be insanely uncomfortable to put on.  Last Saturday night when the carpets were dry enough to put our bedroom back together, I got to work.

Starting with Jeans! Turns out I only have one pair that I actually, want to wear. That made it easy. Half went into a donate pile, and the other half went to a next size down pile. Next up dresses and skirts! Most of these went into a next size down pile, some still had tags on them. Shirts was fun! Lots of stuff to donate and some a few things to save. When the purge was complete, one stuffed full garbage bag went to the donation station by our house. A laundry basket full of stuff I liked and would fit into one day was put in a space bag and put away for when that day comes. If in a 6 months, it is still in storage it gets donated.

Next step, was going to Target. I picked up a couple pair of jeans the next size up and told myself to just cut off the tags. If I don't like the number on my jeans then I need to do something about it.

Sunday, I started making small changes. Not snacking at night and eating smaller portions. Monday and today, I packed my breakfast, snacks and lunch before heading to work - no excuses.  This week, I work on cleaning up my diet, logging my food an My Fitness Pal and next week I try to add in a couple workouts.

My goal is to start blogging again to help hold myself accountable. I started this blog originally to help keep me accountable for my running, so why not get back to basics.

One day at a time, one size at a time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 5 & 6

Monday was Day 5 and the weigh in day. I am down 2lbs, but I am trying not think about that and just keep focusing on eating and getting in the workouts.

The workout for day 5 was cardio fix. I enjoyed it but still had to do some substitutions. I hate starting over, I hope this the last time I have to completely start over and that I can build up my fitness endurance.

The 21 Day fix is all about planning, making sure you have your snacks and meals ready so you are less likely to cheat. Many people will plan out the entire week, while this is great. It really doesn't work for me. Instead the night before I plan out my meals and leave a little post it on my computer. This allows me to have one day ready and remind myself what is next. See, I work from home and let me tell you no matter how much I am prepared, the bad foods in he pantry all my name. :)
This method so far helps me stay on track and a constant reminder of what I need. After I eat I log my containers in an app on my phone, that also tracks my workouts and weight change.
Today is Day 6 and my plan looks like this:
- Greek yogurt with Berries, coffee w/almond milk and 2 hard boiled eggs
- Pear / Almonds
- Chicken lettuce wraps and side salad
- Apple w/ PB, side of veggies
D - Chicken Fajita stir fry  (Making Fajita's for the family and just going to mix in a bunch of extra veggies for me)

I am trying to eat out of every category, even if I don't hit all of  the number of containers. It is a lot of food, when you are at the top calorie level.  Hopefully, after the first round, I can drop down and not stress about eating it all.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Update

It is summer in Washington and I am happy!  : )

I started the 21 Day fix on Thursday, odd day to start but that is with the FB group and the goal is to take us right up to the Fourth of July. Sounds good to me, I plan to do another round right after that as I am going to Atlanta at the end of July and can use all the help.

Thursday, I started but I didn't have my booklet, so I did best effort. Friday, evening everything showed up so I was able to do my first official workout. I love that they are short but tough. My ankle is holding, but I need to do my workouts early because by the end of the day my foot is sore.

Saturday, I decided to double up on the workouts and did the upper and lower fix back to back. While tough, totally doable. Some of the exercise I am modifying while my ankle gets stronger but overall I could do 90% of them.  Sunday's workout was Pilates it was a perfect workout for the end of the weekend.

The food! No calorie counting, just containers. It makes it simple, I have been planning out my meals the night before to keep it simple. I know many people plan for the week, but I work from home most days so eating is pretty easy. It is staying away from the bad stuff that is hard.

Sunday we spent the day on our boat, but I was ready and packed snacks for the entire afternoon. Normally, I would be eating a PB&J, chips, cookies and chocolate. this time I packed 2 - 30oz of water and everything I needed to stay on track.

I plan to take one day at a time and just keep moving forward. I am excited to see what the first week of results brings. I took new before photos, but I am not ready to share those until I have an after photo to go by its side.
How was your weekend? 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Didn't go as planned

As I wait  for my 21 day fix stuff to arrive, I had planned to track what I was eating and taking pictures. I actually, took all of my pictures but then my phone was being a pain on the butt and not uploading properly.

So yes, no pictures because I am to lazy to email them then download, then upload....so a quick recap of yesterday's eating. 

Ezekiel bread thin sliced
1 egg
2 slices of bacon
All made into a yummy Sandwich
With a side of coffee

Grilled Tuna Melt on Ezekiel thin cut bread
raw veggies and hummus

Some more raw veggies

Homemade Beef and Broccoli with a 1/2 cup of rice

I may have had, okay no may I had a couple handfuls of Almond M&Ms at the end of the day. I blame the heat.    I didn't get a workout in on Monday, but today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and light arm weights. Food has been almost exactly the same, except dinner will be a hamburger with no bun and grilled veggies.

Slow and steady and I have been reading as much as I can about the 21 day fix so I am so ready to go when it arrives.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Update

This weekend the sun came out in Washington! It was beautiful. Saturday were able to take our boat out and do some swimming in the lake.  The girls had a blast, even if they don't look like it. My youngest did not want to get out of the water even though she was shivering. 

The heat continued through Sunday and is expected to last all week! This is going to make it very difficult to work, since I work from home.  My oldest kiddo has a week and half left of school, so I am sure the nice weather is going to make it difficult for the kids and the teachers.

This weekend I also did a little shopping, which is never fun. I miss the day when I could walk into any store and buy clothing that fit me. Now, I am limited to stores that carry plus size clothing, which are mostly blah or to edgy for me. But, that also motivated me to buy the 21 day fix. I ordered it this weekend and joined a FB group that starts today and I hope that will help keep me motivated. I have heard/read the work outs are short which is what my foot needs. Anything over about 30 minutes is just to much for me right now, so short but effective workouts are perfect.

I plan to track my eating here, so hopefully I can keep it updated nightly on my progress and struggles.

Hope you have an amazing week!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I ran

Today, I took the first step to my running come back. I got on the treadmill with thinking I was just going to walk a mile. Which, I also haven't done since my surgery.

Instead, I decide to run the worlds slowest mile. I mean slow! But I did. I am proud and I just want to go do it again. 

If you remember I had surgery at the end of January. I got my cast of and in a walking but Feb 28th. I graduated out of a walking boot at the end of March and a lace brace mid April!

I started physical therapy and today I ran. I am excited, but I know I need to take it slow. It just felt good to do it.

Just getting it down. Time to start blogging about my slow ass recovery and weight loss. More come, maybe, I think, yes I will blog again and run!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cast Free, well sort of

I can't believe I forgot to write about this. I didn't forgot, just every time I sat down nothing came out. And then I got sick, yes all of last week was spent miserable.

On Monday March 30th, I was released from then walking boot officially from the doctor. I had taken the boot of the week before, but it was official. I would only have to wear the lace up brace for the month of April. After that only when I workout for the rest of the year.

But let's back up to Monday morning, well actually Sunday night. I started feeling like crap. I went to bed hoping it was nothing. My youngest had been sick all weekend and I was afraid I got what she had.

Monday, I called the doctor to take her in as she had barley had anything to eat in 3 days and my throat was on fire. The doctor confirmed we both had something viral, she was in the middle and I was just starting. We drove home, I dropped the youngest off and drove to the orthopedic doctor where I received the happy news I was boot free. Sadly, I felt like crap. I spent most of Tuesday in bed and started to swing up on Wednesday. But my oldest kid was now sick with the stomach bug.

Thursday, I turned another year older and felt almost better. It sucked though as I spent my birthday in a long meeting at work and then eating pizza and cake. Okay, that wasn't that bad.

Friday, we decided it would be best to cancel any Easter plans. We really didn't want to share our colds/flu like symptoms with anyone else. It was sad to miss out on the fun but it was what was best for our family!

Monday, I sping rode my bike for the first time this year!  It was only twenty minutes, but my ankle felt great.

Tuesday, I attended my first Hot Yoga class of 2015!  Oh how I have missed you. I was hesitant on many poses, would my ankle hold, would it hurt. The truth is I probably held back a little to much. But it was my first time in a class in two years! I so needed this and I can't wait to go back.

All caught up and now it is time to get to bed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What I ate Wednesday

In the effort to log it all and post it all. Here is my food for Wednesday.  I went in to the office and ordered Pho from our CafĂ©. I have no idea how many calories it had, I do know I only ate 1/4 of the noodles, all the protein and veggies.  I hope I didn't underestimate.

This is how I feel most days
Followed closely by this! 

I know I shall never have a smoking hot body, but I can continue to push forward to better health.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Apps do you like?

If you have followed me long you will know I used to be an avid BodyBug user. That is how I lost my weight after my first kiddo.  I loved it, but I hated wearing it on my arm.

This time around I am using a combo of My Fitness Pal and my Fit Bit. If you use either friend me:

And I plan to start posting more of my crazy shenanigans on Instagram, I broke my phone for a while and wasn't  able to post.  The husband was able to replace the screen and now I am golden!  It was sad when I had to revert back to my old phone and lose some of my apps.

I also just signed up for Daily Burn on Hulu Plus. Okay, that is a lie I signed up like two weeks ago, but today I did my first workout.  I signed up under the True Beginner since I am pretty much starting over.  My first workout was called Stability and Mobility and overall felt like a nice stretch. I think it will be good to get me back into it as my ankle continues to heal. 

Yes, I did workout with my boot on and yes, it was very awkward. The boot comes off on Friday!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wekend Update

Friday, I set some goals for this week:
Drink 100oz of water a day 
Walk 20 minutes a day 
3 days do an weight arm routine M/W/TH

I am ready to tackle these goals. This is my last 5 days in my boot, I have already started drinking 100oz of water a day. Makes lots of trips to the bathroom and I have an arm routine picked out to start later today.

This weekend we had some fun. My daughter had a horse riding lesson, it was a Christmas present that she finally got to cash in. Seriously, how cute is she on the horse. She had a blast brushing and riding him. As soon as she was done, she asked when she could do it again.

When we came home we decided to do some Jamicures! Have you ever used them. Jamberry is these stickers that are supposed to last up to two weeks. They go on super easy and make my short nails look cute. I will admit I have a hard time with them not being all the same, we will see how long these last before I change them out.

I also wanted to share with you my friends blog, she has been a long time supporter of my weight loss and is having an AMAZING journey of her own. To make it better both of our oldest kiddos have the same name.  So if you are looking for another blog to add to your reading list check out Bunny Bee Online.  It's a mishmash of weight loss, Raising Bee's and cooking.  Plus, she has already posted a couple of video blogs which are awesome! Check her out.

Hope this week treats you all well!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fundraising: Seattle Brain Cancer Walk

Ever year I raise funds for the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk. This year the walk is moved to May, which is Brain Cancer Awareness Month.

We walk in honor of my husbands Uncle Joe, he lost the fight with brain cancer a few years ago. Joe was one of the nicest people and I know if it was anyone else he would be their biggest cheerleader and supporter.

I have two ways to support our team this year.

1. Purchase from my Perfectly Posh website www.poshbyjen.com and all proceeds for the month of March are being donated. This is my sales, I am donating 100% to the walk.

2. Go directly to the 2015 Seattle Brain Cancer Website and donate on my page: http://community.swedish.org/2015-sbcw-personal-page?tab=0&frsid=28393

Last year, I had just sprained my ankle and walked. This year I am happy to report I should be boot free when the walk arrives in May.

Please donate or share with anyone you think would be interested in helping out.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Week 7 - Not much change

No photo this week of my foot. I honestly don't think it looks much different. The countdown is on though. One more week in the boot. It is really hard to put it on every day, but when I walk around without it I get scared. I know my ankle is strong, but I still hear that voice in the back of my head.

The voice of the doctor saying "you need to lose weight", the voice that is always there.  I stepped on the scale this morning to a 2lb loss. It feels like nothing, but I am doing my best to celebrate the small goals. I put the scale away so I won't step on it again until next Friday. I am trying to take the pressure off that scale and just focus on eating.

For the past few weeks I have used the excuse that I have a boot to not workout. Then this morning while standing with my daughter at the bus stop, I saw someone out for a walk with their boot. Not just a easy stroll, but a power walk with their dog. I need to stop making excuse and start doing something. Tonight I am setting some goals or checkpoints for next week:

Drink 100oz of water a day 
Walk 20 minutes a day 
3 days do an weight arm routine M/W/TH

These are doable! There is no reason I can't do this, well the reason is I am lazy. I need to get back into the habit.   I need to remind myself of this.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patty's Day Run

I am sad, for the first time since 2008 I am not running or walking the Seattle St. Patty's Day Run! I know for many it is not that big of thing. But, it was my first ever running event.

  • 2008 - the start of my running life. I am not even sure why we signed up. I am pretty sure my husband suggested it.  My oldest was  8 months old and we pushed her in a Graco stroller.
  • 2009 - the course was changed and we had upgraded our stroller to a BOB and still did it as a family.
  • 2010 - I wanted to improve my time and the husband ran the first part with me and split on the second half.
  • 2011 - I was proud to see improvements for the past year on the course.  
  • 2012 - I set my current PR. I pushed hard was loving the improvements I was seeing in my running
  • 2013 - I completed this while pregnant. Not my fastest time, but it got the job done.
  • 2014 - Post pregnancy, I ran with some friends. I was recovering from IT Band issues so we ran walked it.
  • 2015 - I knew when I got my surgery that I would be at risk of missing it. I am still in walking boot today and there is just now way I could complete the course. Or my that my doctor would approve either.
I can sit here sad, or I can look for a race that I can do. I am think post boot, and re ramp of time that July or August might be the time for my first running event again.  I am hoping that my come back will be a real come back this time. 

Happy Racing if you are running this weekend!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 6 - this is getting old

Probably not as old as my annoying post on FB and Instagram about my life with a boot. Truth, is I have toned it down a little since I got the cast off.

I was going to post a picture of my scar, but I forgot until after I put the Scar Away strips on it.

The one on tops is for the three scars where they went in to clean up old scar tissue and see the other damage. The car on the outside is the big daddy! It is actually healing really well, even if it looks like I have no ankle and a hairy leg.  I have been driving again, which is so nice! I am sure my doctor would disagree, but I have to get out of the house at times. I work from home most days, but I have had to go into the office twice this week and it was nice not relying on someone else.

Today I started a 10 week weight loss challenge with some friends. The goal is to watch portion size, walk 20  minutes a day in my boot as long as  my leg will handle it and just try to create a new lifestyle. I don't do well if I deprive myself, but I know there is always room for improvements. Especially, with Easter candy already out. I love those little mini eggs!

These are delicious and sadly I could eat the entire 10oz bag in one day! That is not good, must resist.

What is your Easter candy weakness?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

5 weeks in

On Feb 27th I Greenie, later name changed to Castie was removed. We parted ways happily ways. As the day approached I was worried my doctor would call and bump my appointment or when we would remove it there would be a problem and I would be put back into it.  Luckily, none of that happened.

 Castie was removed, my foot was cleaned up or as the tech called it my self tan washed off thanks to the iodine they use for surgery.  I was instructed to start walking without crutches when I felt ready and wear Bootie when not in bed. :) Welcome to my life bootie. It was just in time. As we flew out for Disneyland the very next day.  

Today, 5 weeks post surgery, the scar is healing well. It is tight as I do my air alphabet with my foot and I count down the 3 more weeks in the boot. And two more weeks in the lace up cast before my foot is free.

As for now, I need to start focusing on diet. Disneyland did a number on my waistline and I hope I can recover quickly. I plan to step on the scale some time soon to see where I am at. 

Has anyone done the 21 day fix? Considering purchasing it to focus on diet and then the work outs when my ankle is better.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 15: Meet Greenie

Yesterday, I went in and had my soft cast removed and Greenie replaced it.  They cut off the soft cast an my foot got about 20 minutes of free time. Not that it could do anything, but it was nice not to have the cast on it. 
I have about a 2.5 inch incision on the outside, and 3 smaller area's where they went in to look for other problems. Thankfully, none were found. :)  After looking at cast the entire day before I decided on green! The husband wanted black and the kids wanted pink, but the green color just looked so pretty online.
 It lighted up a little but it is still a really cool Kelly Green color! The best part is I have a pair of KEENs that match it perfectly! :)
I head back in two weeks to have this beauty cut off and then move into a walking boot with 50% weight baring for a month. At least it will be easier to shower with a walking boot.
I am getting antsy to see what my timeline is for walking/running post boot. Maybe by June? Who knows but I can't wait to make a come back.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 7

Wondering where day 1-6 are? I didn't write them.

Seven days ago I checked in for out patient surgery. I checked in at 7AM and was being wheeled back by 8:30 and was home relaxing on my couch at 11AM! Wham bam thank you mam!

The quick and dirty is: I had a torn ligament that had healed in my right ankle, I had super weak ankle and would roll them/sprain it a lot. I finally decided to take action.  The doctor went in and did what was called a Brostrom procedure. Basically, they cut the torn ligament and replace it with fuse it back together with some great medical suture thingy that will make it stronger and stay together. They also cleaned up additionally fraying of the other ligaments that were taking place.

Additionally, they took a look at the inside of my ankle and could see some cracks, although healed stated that I will most likely get arthritis in those areas later in life. 

Since then, I have not left my house, I have showered only 2x and well have been an overall pleasure to have around. I kid! I am in  great mood for the most part. The showering and leaving the house part is true. :)  I am blessed I can work from home so that helps to pass the day.

I also have been tracking the progress of my cast on instagram my kid thinks its a great place to draw and stick things to.

Overall, I look forward to getting the cast off. 1 week down, only 4 more to go!