Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hola! Miss me!

I have thought about blogging, I have looked at my screen and then I closed it.  I have nothing to talk about, but I do, I really do.  Here is the quick recap of what has been going on since you last heard from me.....which was October! WOW okay this list might be long.

  • Wore my cast, did my therapy for my ankle
  • Went back to work full time after a 15 month maternity leave - insert sad face
  • Talk to a nutritionist about my diet, basically she confirmed everything I know. My body hates sugar and responds negatively to it.
  • Halloween! It was fun, girls were cute!

  • Chatted up my Ortho doctor and since PT is not helping looks like surgery.
  • Had an MRI  - that determined that I have an OLD torn ligament, a weird benign tumor thingy and something else, I forget. I emailed the Doc and he said
    • This means that the ligament is stretched out which is why your ankle is unstable. This is the main reason why surgery is indicated.  You have a very small fluid collection that was incidentally found on MRI. I would not worry about this since it is benign and will not affect the surgery or your recovery.
    • Surgery scheduled for Jan 29th
  • Thanksgiving happened! Was fun as usual, full of food and many meals

  • Worked
  • Started PiYo
  • Shopped (mostly online)
  • Worked
  • Decorated
  • Ate
  • Returned
  • Undecorated
  • Worked
  • Yup that about sums it up! December was great, but pretty much fits in to the standard crazy events of December. :)
  • Still doing PiYo
I look on to January and  I have no goals at this point. Guess I should think about that.

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  1. Why Hello Jen! Yes, I did miss you....I checked back now and again to see what, if any thing was happening....funny, how life gets busier this time of year and with kids and careers.

    I have also been thinking of goals for 2015. Attainable. Sustainable. Simple. (Hey, just came up with that....maybe my word should be A.S.S. for 2015! ha!)

    Good luck with your surgery and recovery I am sure that should get ya going in the right direction for 2015.