Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Update

Last week I had a plan that ended in a 5K, I can say I participated in my first 5K alone since the baby. Yes, I know technically she is considered a toddler since she is 13 months, but she is still a baby to me.  Recap of the 5K tomorrow.

Last Weeks Plan
Monday: Weights  - Done
Tuesday: Week2Day 1 - C25k - Done
Wednesday: Weights - Done
Thursday: Week2Day 2 - C25k - Done
Friday: Week2Day 3 - C25k - Ended up resting
Saturday Rest - Played in the sun and rest
Sunday:  Women of Wonder 5K - used C25K to run
This Weeks Plan
Monday: Week 3 Day 1 - C25K
Tuesday: Rest - I just have to much on my plate, interview in the City and then I am heading to Portland for a Posh 1Day training and driving back he same night.
Wednesday: Week 3 Day 2 - C25K
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Week 3 Day 3 - C25K
Saturday: Weights
Sunday:  Rest
This week I am busy, I am hoping I can stay on track with my eating. The first thing I need to do is be prepared. I am going to get my grocery shopping in today and will make sure I get healthy snacks for me.
How was your weekend?

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