Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekend Update and September Goals

Last week went pretty good the plan looked like this:

Monday: Weights - Accomplished
Tuesday: Run 20  min -  Accomplished ended up starting C25K day1
Wednesday: Weights - Failed
Thursday: Run 30 minutes Accomplished C25K day 2
Friday: Rest or Pilates - Failed 
Saturday Run 45 min  - Ended up donating blood
Sunday: Rest  - Ran C25K day 3
What else was I up to this weekend...I mentioned I donated blood and I have officially donated 2 gallons. That sounds so creepy, but being O - I get called frequently to donate.


Before I went to donate blood I chopped a few inches off my hair. It was time, I was so over the ponytail, high messy bun. So I did it. Plus, it gave me a couple hours kid free. I joked with the stylist that donating blood was amazing kid free time. Like a field trip for mom. Ahh, its the little things. 

Monday: Weights
Tuesday: Week2Day 1 - C25k
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: Week2Day 2 - C25k
Friday: Week2Day 3 - C25k
Saturday Rest
Goals for September - Keep it simple, clear and attainable.
- Lose 10lbs (new weight taken today)
- Eat 90% whole foods
- Don't give up on c25k
How was your weekend?

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