Thursday, September 18, 2014


1. I ran on Tuesday night and it hurt, it wasn't that good hurt. It was that wow you are out of shape hurt. I hadn't ran in a week because of schedule and getting sick, so it is to be expected. But it sucks. I just keep reminding myself one day at a time.

2. Wednesday we took a walk with the kiddos a little of two miles, with some time to stop and play. It is always good to get out with the kids and it reminds me of when I was walking 20 minutes a day. I enjoyed that. I looked forward to that and I think I might start it again.

3. I printed out a beginner squat challenge. I need to start it. Guess I should make an official post on it to make it all written out and a goal. Why am I avoiding it. Oh I know, because I don't want my legs to hurt when I sit down to pee.

How is Thursday treating you?

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