Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Funday, posted on Monday

The back to school germs finally hit the me! My daughter brought them home first, followed by the littlest getting it and then the husband. I thought for sure I was in the clear until I woke up Friday feeling like death. I didn't even end up showering all day Friday or changing out of my PJs.
Saturday, was a BEAUTIFUL day in Washington, maybe on of the last nice days and we all lounged around feeling crummy all stinking day. I did manage to get a shower in at some point.
Sunday, I started to improve, although breathing is still difficult I felt like I need to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather. The kiddo's and I went to a local paved trail for a short walk. 

The trail is stunning this time of year and shaded 90% of the way. Which made it bearable to be out walking in the middle of the day. Although, the little one wasn't as happy on my back as she would have been in her stroller.
Big sister wanted to take photos along the way, and honestly if the path wasn't all uphill it would be a awesome spot in the fall for family photos. I need to see if I can figure out a flatter way to get to it. 

This was our turn around point. The trail took us to the freeway and this was a pedestrian bridge over it. The big kid thought it was cool because we drive under this bridge all the time and she had never stood over the freeway. The way back down was fun, and while she complained I think she was happy to be heading back to the care. The path wasn't long by any means, maybe 1.5 miles up, but I think she was tired of not having me run with her. Some how, she thought I could run with the baby on my back. 

At the end of this adventure, she said she wishes we could do it every day.  I  said we can come back because it is super close to home and as long as the weather cooperates we can practice our running on this path.
How was your weekend?

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