Friday, September 19, 2014

Squat Challenge

There are a million Squat challenges out there, most of them are way to intense for me. I have no desire to do 200 squats in one day.

Last week, I found a good challenge and did it one day and then when I went to do the next day I couldn't find it. Thank goodness for My Fitness Pal sending a million and one emails because they sent me the squat challenge, again! It was like sign from the fitness fairy.

I started it Thursday, 20 squats were not bad at all! Not scary and hopefully, my body will agree tomorrow that I can handle. it.   I love that each week is a different type of squat.
Counter Balance Box Squat - is your basic squat, hands in front. I used a chair and had my bum just barley touch the chair before going back up.
Prisoner Box Squat - hands behind your head, but still use a surface to go down to. Chair, stool whatever you would like.
Counter Balance Air Squat - no chair, hands in front of you and just use your body weight.
Prisoner Air Squat  - This is listed as the toughest version. Hands behind your head, no chair and getting as close to parallel as you can.
The link I sourced has Intermediate challenge and an Advanced version if you are past the basics!
I have my copy printed and posted on the wall, let see if I can get it done and advance to the next level. 
Have you done a squat challenge before? Did you complete it?

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