Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One more day, one more day

I know so many kids are back to school, but we don't go back until Wednesday. Today is meet the teacher day the big kid is going into 2nd grade and is excited to get back to school. I think she is more excited to see her friends then she is to actually go to school. This summer she had a fear because she said that "someone told her they cover the clock", "so I have to learn to tell time". We worked on I and she can now tell time on a analog clock and I think she feels confident to start school.

After we meet the teacher we are heading to the mall, why you ask, to stand in line at the Lego store for a free toy. :) I know I am the worlds best mom. LOL  I figure, big kid feels left out a lot so any thing I can do to raise her spirits.  I am already behind on my schedule, this holiday weekend really messed me up. I sat down last night and realized it was Monday and I didn't work out. D'oh!

Today, I will get in my couch to 5K and add a little strength routine in afterwards. Keep it light but get it done. 

How is Tuesday treating you?

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