Friday, September 12, 2014

My survival kit - what would you take

I was contacted by Man Crates, a company that ships all kinds of gifts for men in wooden crates and asked:

Is I was stranded on a island what would I want with me?

Instantly, I thought Lip balm and coffee. :) I live and breathe for those things, and my family and what not. But let's get practical if I am stranded my family probably isn't with me. They are safe somewhere.

Every time I tried to write down something crazy that I would need, I countered with a practical item. So her is my list. Safe, boring but you know I would be happy!  

1. All you need is love lip balm - A big stick of moisturizing lip love. It's a natural blend of butters and oils that feed and care for lips. It's a whole lotta lovin' for lips. I need this because I assume, I am stranded on a sunny island. Not only will it work as lip balm, I can use it on cuts and scratches.

2. Gender Bender Big Bath Bar - Charcoal DTox: Clean that doesn’t discriminate. Because truly clean doesn't discriminate, the Gender Bender invites all to wash and be cleaned and Posh. I want to be clean! Salt water gets drying and sitting in the sand all day. If I was ever on Survivor this would be my luxury item.

3. Nuun All Day Drink Mix Tablets will send you to a hydration oasis with all day performance. These vitamin enhanced tablets will play a fundamental role in keeping you energized and focused while encouraging you to drink more water throughout the day. A girl needs to hydrate! Might as well do it with something that taste good. 

4. Nalgene water Bottle - Pretty self explanatory right, have water need place to keep it.

5. Books - I picked the Harry Potter book set, because there is enough of them that I could read them a few times before I got bored. Plus, if all else fails I can use the paper to keep me warm. Nothing would please me more then to be stranded with books! An entire library would be awesome, but something I could read over and over again would be okay too.

So what about you? What would you be stranded with? Would you want Wine or Coffee? Those both were on my list at first and were weeded out. :)

As I was checking out Man Crate I found this:

I wouldn't be upset if this was under the tree for me at Christmas. The bacon crate, who says you need to be a man to enjoy it. What crate looks most interesting to you?

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