Thursday, September 11, 2014

I am getting derailed this week

Oh my, no matter how I try to get on track I get knocked off.  That is ok, I am just picking myself back up.

Monday - I was supposed to run. But I had moved ALL the kids toys to the living room as, we were getting our carpets cleaned on Tuesday. Monday night stepped on a kid toy, broke it ad rolled my ankle. AWESOME!

Tuesday - I planned a rest day. I was insanely busy. I ended up getting home at 1AM Wednesday morning, going to bed and being woken up at 4AM with the baby barfing on me.  AWESOME!

Wednesday - I drank so much coffee my stomach should have wholes in it from all the acid. Didn't phase me. No workout, struggled through the day with a sick kiddo, very little sleep and half day for the big kid. AWESOME!

Thursday  - Today, it is Thursday and my list of shit to get done grows. On top of it all I have an event for my business (Snarky Posh) tonight in Marysville. That is an hour north of me. Which goes until 10PM. Then I get to come home and try to sleep, maybe, please kiddo feel better.

Basically, week 3 of C25K is a big fat FAILURE, but you know what it just means that I can start it again next week.

This won't derail me. Just take me on a little tangent. Getting back on track. Starting Friday, waiting Saturday okay Sunday at the latest.

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