Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here we go again

This Weeks Plan
Monday: Rest
Tuesday:  Week 3 Day 1 - C25K
Wednesday: Week 3 Day 2 - C25K
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Week 3 Day 3 - C25K
Saturday: Brain Cancer Walk - Donate HERE
Sunday:  Rest
Here is this weeks plan, yes  it is Tuesday and I am already playing catch up. Last week was a mess, so no need to recap that.
I am almost back to  normal healthy wise, my house is not. While my family is getting better, it is a mess. We had our carpets cleaned LAST Tuesday and well they did a crap job. So they came back yesterday to do it again. This means everything is all over the place. We were the last stop for the day Monday night, leaving me a house that is out of control.  I just hope the carpets are dry today so everything can back in its place. I need order, our house is to small for this much craziness.
The bonus of getting your carpets cleaned is everything is picked up. All those little messes or 'storage' place as your kid refers them are purged. This helps with the holiday season coming. Speaking of holiday's we have already started decorating for Halloween and one little kiddo has a costume.  Here is a sneak peak.
How did Monday treat you?

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