Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Update

We had a very eventful weekend! Very little actually exercise was completed. That should say no planned workouts were completed.

Saturday we went boating! The weather is to nice to pass it up.  The big kid and he husband did some wake surfing. It was her first time up!

It was a blast and while no formal workout we did lots of swimming. The bad part of the boat is the eating. I packed a good turkey sandwich with avocado and a large water, but caught myself snacking on the kids pretzels.
Sunday, was my husbands birthday. We went to Seattle to watch the Red Bull Box Car races. It was a blast, but ended up leaving early because it was just to hot for the kiddos.  This consisted of lots of walking, and holding the almost 20lb little kiddo in the carrier.  I think I have a new favorite photo though!  My hubby and the girls.
So with no formal workouts why I am so sore. Either way, I sat down last night and wrote out a plan for the week.
Monday: Weights
Tuesday: Run 20  min
Wednesday: Weights
Thursday: Run 30 minutes
Friday: Rest or Pilates
Saturday Run 45 min
Sunday: Rest
I am hoping having a plan in place, written down will help me get back on track.
How was your weekend?

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  1. The boat looks like fun! And that is a wonderful picture :)