Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Update

Random list of updates:

  • Friday after trying to force myself to workout, after being so proud that I did something on the days I was sick I broke my workout streak. It ended and I feel okay about it. I am proud that I did it, but it was started to make me not enjoy working out. I was more concerned with fitting it in the getting a good workout.
  • I updated my races I want to do in the next few months in the side bar. I am sure I will have a post about them and why I picked them soon. One of them, is it is all about the bling.
  • I looked up half marathon plans this weekend. Ummm...what. I am considering the Seattle Half Marathon in November. I don't know why, its crazy lofty goal, but I feel like I need that right now.
  • I might not have worked out officially on Saturday, but I spent 5 hours at the zoo with the family. Followed by an hour at my kiddos school watering the pumpkins for the future second graders.  Wow, crap my big kid is going into second grade in a couple of weeks! Where did the time go.
How was your weekend?

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy being active doing fun things with the family more than working out, for sure! Walking at the zoo would be perfect for me. It all adds up. Good luck with your goals!