Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend brought a the final celebration of the birthday for my girlies. The weather was less the cooperative.  It was sunny, it rained, it was sunny, it hailed, it was sunny, you get the picture. When we arrived at 1PM it was 72 and by the time we left at 4PM it was 80 degrees. Oh, the Pacific Northwest weather so moody.

It was  small event, nothing to overwhelming with lots of fun and good food!

I know I haven't lost a lot, but one of the first pictures in a while, that I didn't hate. I liked it so much I made it my profile photo on Facebook. Always proof that you don't hate a photo.

Cupcakes for the big kiddo and a special cake for the little one of course.

I am glad, now I get a couple of weeks off from celebrations until my husbands at the end of the month. :)  
In other news, I completed day 35 of at least 20 minutes of fitness a day. I also ran a little last night, not much only 1.25 miles but my back didn't hurt, so that means the week off of rest was the right thing. Time to work back up.  I also completed day 24 on my Personal Trainer Food program.  I have lots of insight on that, and will follow that up in a couple more posts of course.
Overall a great weekend. How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a fun one! We went to "Guardians of the Galaxy" and I was SO pleasantly surprised by how much we all liked it!! LOVE when that happens!