Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 4 - PTF Vlog Final Recap

Quick Pro's and Con list:
Pros: Super easy plan to follow, full meal plan makes it even easier you don't have to think about anything, 85% of the meals were GREAT tasting, quick and easy to cook, email and phone support available if needed.
Cons: The breakfast was not the best and it got old quick, to much maple sausage for me (this could have been my error in ordering), frozen veggies get old, I would mix in more fresh veggies.
Would I do it again: Yes, but I wouldn't do months back to back.  Maybe doing it every other month or every two months would be perfect. I way to keep you me on track.  I would not order breakfast if I did it again, I would make my own. That is the easiest meal for me to make good choices. 
Week 1: 8.2lbs
Week 2: 2.2lbs
Week 3: 3lbs
Week 2.0lbs
Total Weight Lost 15.4

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Disclaimer: This program is being provided to me for free from Personal Trainer Food, but the opinions are my own.

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