Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today is Wednesday....right?

Tuesday was spent in a daze to fully understand I need to rewind to Monday night about 11PM.  I went up to bed and checked on the little one.  She had vomited in her bed and was asleep in it.  This required waking her up, showering her while the husband cleaned it all up.  By the time we were ready to put her back to bed it was midnight and she decided it was play time.

 Around 2AM, I got her asleep in our bed. Between the kicks, head-butts and occasionally crying when the alarm went of at 6:15 I was a mess. I jumped in the shower to get to the dentist by 7AM. Thankfully, it was just an easy cleaning. Is it bad when that is the easiest part of my day.  Rushed home, husband went to work and started on house work.

10AM baby goes down for  nap. I have some time to sit and relax, job hunt, Facebook and all other things internet until the little wakes up at noon. Make all of us lunch, eat, clean up and then we are off to run errands.

To the big kids school to drop off paper work, library and Target  At Target I decided to get some curtains. We have had these vertical blinds that I wanted to replace FOREVER, like since we move into our house 11 years ago.  Back home, get all the tools. Take down one set of vertical blinds. Install curtain rod and find out it is to big...huh it was supposed to be adjustable, I can't figure it out.

Back to Target! Replace the curtain rod with a smaller one. Back home, put baby down for second nap, go to put curtain rod up and realize it is to small! WTF! Get out tape measure and realize the first one should have worked. sigh!  Call the husband and ask him to pick one up for me, he says we will go later.

4:30PM husband gets home, baby wakes up from nap and we decide on dinner. Make dinner, feed all four of us, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher.  Remove vertical blinds from front slider as the husband agrees to replace them also, YAY! Head to Target. Get two new curtain rods one for back slider and one for front slider. Note, I measured the back slider so I knew the size.

Leave Target, got to McDonalds and get a dipped cone, head home. Go to install curtain rod on front slider and it is to SMALL! D'oh the front slider is bigger then the back slider. Thankfully, the husband is able to get the curtains up on the back slider. I was not going back to Target again, that will happen today.

Get baby to bed, sit down to relax on my computer and see a friend post that she started the C25K again. I hang my head in shame and know that I need to run. I am exhausted but I can't skip a day when I just started again. Drag my but upstairs at 8:45PM and get changed, head to the garage and run for 30 minutes following my app!

Come back upstairs to find the baby awake! Get the baby back in bed, sit down on Facebook for a few then realize it is 10:30PM and head to bed.

Please let Wednesday be better then Tuesday.  How did Tuesday treat you?

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  1. Oof, that sounds like a rough day! Hopefully today will be better :)