Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three Things Tuesday (doesn't have the same ring)

1. Why oh why, did I schedule my dentist appointment for 7am! I must have been crazy! I hope they don't mind if I go in my PJs, kidding - only kind of. I seriously have to rethink my scheduling of appointments.

2. I did weights yesterday and realized I had no plan going into it. While I put weight train on the schedule I didn't say what. I am going to need to rethink that for Wednesday. 

3. Speaking of Wednesday, I have my fist in person interview. Which means most of Monday was spent going through my clothing trying on stuff! Nothing fits! I was able to pull together about  4 different looks to pick from but I am not happy with any of them. Oh well, more motivation.

How did Monday treat you?

1 comment:

  1. Life has been better around here....I had a few couple of rough days with the job scene but I always try to remember "Everything happens for a reason!" Good Luck with your interview.