Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shark Week

Not the good kind of shark week on discovery channel, but the bad kind. If you are a guy you might want to stop reading. Of course, I don't think I have any dudes who read my blog.

I hate shark week, but doesn't everyone. Anyways, I had to run to the store for the surprise appearance of my little friend and I picked up a Clean Eating magazine.

See the weight I have lost on this Personal Trainer Food Program, I don't want coming back.  I don't want to do another month on it right now, maybe in the fall. For now, I need to take the lessons I have learned from this and go forward and continue losing.  Meat, Veggies and eggs - that is not hard. I can do that. I have done it successfully for almost a month today is day 26. 

One thing I can not wait to bring back is coffee w/ vanilla soy creamer or just soy milk for that matter. That is how I like my coffee, I gave up dairy for when I was nursing, and it just doesn't taste the same. I have learned through this experience I don't NEED coffee in the morning. I enjoy it. Its a ritual, I like drinking something warm. I have tried tea many times and it just doesn't work for me. I will continue the plan almost they have at 90% and allow a few things back. For a few days I will continue to share my food on my twitter account, just to help keep me accountable.  Check back Friday for my final weigh in and final thoughts on the program. I might even do a vlog again, getting all fancy and stuff.

Any good recommendation for magazines or cook books? It has to be simple as I am a bad cook otherwise.

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  1. I'm interested to hear your final thoughts on the month of prepackaged foods. I feel like there are a lot of bloggers right now doing shake or juice cleanses. When I see those, I just hit the little x in the upper right hand corner. But the program that you are on seems doable and like a good learning tool. Like I said, interested to hear your thoughts!