Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Friday already!

After the week I have had, I feel like that is a self high five for surviving it.  I started this post, earlier today and I am finally getting back to finishing it.

I started the couch to 5K again!  I have a friend who is doing it also, so we are calling each other out on FB when we complete our runs. We figure it will help motivate us to keep going. :)

As we go into the holiday weekend, I have no plans. I do want to get out and be active with the family. I talked to my seven year old and if the weather is cool we are going to try and do a small hike today.  Which, didn't happen! It is noon and we are still at home, the baby naps and we did some house cleaning.

Saturday I am going to complete week 1 of the couch to 5K and weather permitting we will go boating. But as usual, Washington weather is calling for 50% chance of rain. That can mean anything. Maybe, I should just schedule an appointment at the salon. I really need to get my hair cut. I am so over the current length.

Sunday, I would love to do some sort of family activity. We shall see what the weather does it has been cooling off which I know most PNWer's are happy about, but it makes me sad. I am not ready for fall.

Monday, I think by Monday my husband will be ready to head back to work and the big kid ready for school.  While we have a great time together as a family, when we just roam around the house in a random fashion (like this post), we get on each other's nerves.

I am excited for September to start, I am working on my September goals today and will have them posted on Monday. One bonus about fall weather, it does make running much more enjoyable.

How will you be spending your long weekend?

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