Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Things Friday

1. I am alive, I know you all missed me the past few days. The workout streak is alive also, but just barely. Tuesday's workout was 20 minutes or more of chasing the kids around at the park. Followed by Tuesday evening coming down with something. Where I was insanely hot/sweating and everyone else was normal. No temperature, but I was just dripping in sweat and exhausted. I went to bed early and woke up and had to change the sheets I was sweating so much. My husband even joked he was afraid I was turning into a zombie. It was bad.  Wednesday, was a better. My workout consisted of walking in place, arm punches and various other easy items,  while watching Extreme Weight Loss.  Thursday almost back to normal - I did my weight loss Pilates DVD.

2. Speaking of Extreme Weight Loss, did you watch this weeks. Chris drove me bonkers trying to discourage the contestant from doing a full marathon. While, I agree it probably wasn't the best for her body type and size. Give it a break after she has started. He asked her almost every mile up to 13.1 if she wanted to do the half. It pissed me off and it wasn't even me. I understand he wanted her not to get hurt, but enough is enough.

3. This weeks weight is the same. No gain, no loss since I stopped the Personal Trainer Food plan. This is good. I am actually changing my official weigh in day to Monday as that is when I weigh in for my other group. So we shall see if I am down at all on Monday.

4. Job hunting is no fun. I told my husband I would go back to work in September, after over a year off, but I don't want to. Plus, employers really want to low ball you.  Oh, well still looking. Have a few bites, we shall see.

5. It is Friday!! I am happy for Friday even if I don't work during the week, it means that my husband will be home and I will have some help in wrangling the kiddos. Which after this week I need. I still feel a little under the weather and hope to be back a 100% soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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