Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 28!

WOW! I am so happy I had the opportunity to try the Personal Trainer Food program. I have said it many times that it has really helped to make me aware of what I was eating.  I have big goals going forward so I will share them today and then tomorrow after my final weigh in I will recap the program.

Short Term Goals:
1. Focus on 10lbs weight loss a month. I know that may sound high to some, but I am a larger girl, I got plenty to spare. That would only be 2lbs a week and that is totally doable if I continue to eat properly.

2. Sign up for  a 5K in September. I need to sign up that way I have the motivation to keep going.

3. Follow the plan set forth by Personal Trainer Food of meat, eggs and veggies. Limiting foods to less then 10% of my daily intake to continue to have the results I want to see.

Long Term Goals:
1. Lose 50+lbs, ultimately I would like to lose around 70-80 and I think that would put me in a great spot be able to maintain.

2. Continue the eating trend, get the family eating more healthy meals and less starch foods and white bread. That will be the hard one. My family is those people you love to hate, skinny and healthy and eat whatever they want.

3. Run a half marathon again. Maybe not in 2014, but definitely in 2015.

So there they are my new set of goals, a plan to move forward and continue on this trend. To help with my first short term goal I have signed up on a diet bet with a group of Mom's that I am friends with. We all put $25 in a pot and will split it at the end. First goal, getting my money back.

Do you set goals?

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  1. I've been too chicken to do a diet bet thus far. Maybe in the near future!