Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A little fun

Yesterday, we had to go to my youngest one year check up! She was healthy and growing on track.
The point of telling you that is it was in the same town as the Lego store.

Did you know that the first Tuesday of every month the Lego store has a build day for kids 6-14. The first 250 kids get a free Lego thing to build in the store and take home. My oldest was super excited when I told her we could go. We arrived at the mall at 3PM, the build started at 5PM. When we got there, there we about 10 people in line, with blankets spread out ready to be there.

We decided to walk around the mall a bit and then headed back to get in line at 4PM. At this point, I would say we were 20-30 kids back. It was hard to tell as seriously, you would think it was a Black Friday sale, that is how much people were spread out.

The let about 20 kids in at a time to build with a Lego employee, so it took us a while to get in. We were handed a packet and went in. I let the big kid run do it on her own while I chased the other one around the store. She was excite to take her monkey home, which she named Julie.

I was thankful it was over, my back was hurting from standing so long. Now I see why people bring chairs and snacks. :)

If you have kids, check out your Lego store next month. The first Tuesday of the month. It is fun for all.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I wish it was I would LOVE free Legos.

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