Sunday, August 10, 2014

A little fall shopping

I hate shopping. I know something is wrong with me, but whenever I go I get stressed out about finding something or find nothing. It could just be. I am just not happy with how things look so I give up really easy.

One thing I do like to do is shop online. No dressing rooms, no pushy sales people. I can just take my time and find what I want.  I have been doing a lot of fall shopping at Online Shoes.  Here are a few items that are in my wish list. I can't pull the trigger yet, the weather is just to nice.

Women's Merrell Cava Fleece Sweatshirt Dress
This dress looks so comfy to me, I think with leggings and some boots it is something I need to add to my fall wardrobe.
Women's UGG Australia Classic Short
I like gray things, back off! LOL I think this year I am going to splurge and buy some real UGGS. I have gone through enough pairs of knock offs, time for the real thing.
Women's Merrell Inertia Quilted Jacket
It is not gray! But it comes in that color! I am torn between the vest and the full coat, on this one. I am thinking the coat.
When do you start fall shopping?  Do you find yourself wearing the same fall winter staples over the years? I used to be like that but I got ride of a bunch of my coats two years ago and never replaced them. Her is hoping this years weight loss will bring new clothing.
All shoes featured above are available via  I am on a panel for them and working with them to feature items on their website.  

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  1. I bought a new coat two years ago but am thinking I need a new one this year as it is getting tired looking. I do have a coat I have had for 10 years that I still LOVE, but I ripped a hole in it :(