Friday, July 11, 2014

While the boys are away

My husband is off to a bachelor party this weekend. They are heading over the pass to play in the sun and do stupid guy things. I know I am a great writer right.

Why the boys are away I will be starting my plan from Personal Trainer Food Program.  I was expecting it to arrive today, but it arrived early. The FedEx man left this box on my doorstep.

The box was huge and I knew I was going to have problems fitting it all in my freezer. The downside of having a bottom freezer, they are not very big.  After a little about 20 minutes of rearranging what little food I had in there I was able to get it all to fit.  24-48 hours before you start you are supposed to fast if medically possible. I started my fast that morning and survived the first day. One advantage of my husband being gone for the weekend. I only have to worry about feeding the kids. Makes it easier to fast and to stay on my plan. So, here we go. 

This weekend the only obstacle I will have to overcome is a birthday party.  Thankfully, it is in a restaurant so as long as I stick to proteins and veggies I will be sticking to the plan. Skipping the cake will be no problem, well that is lie I will be wishing I could eat it, but I know skipping won't hurt me. It will be better for me.
Have any good plans for the weekend?


  1. Kind of cool seeing everything planned out for you and all....definitely makes it easy.

  2. Oof. That's a lot of fasting. That would make me very grumpy.