Friday, July 18, 2014

Week 1 Update - PTF

Today, is the start of day of 8 of my Personal Trainer Food Program.  Before, I get to the exiting results I want to share a little few pros and cons that I have experienced so far.

Pros: Meals are super easy to make, about 4 minutes total and I have complete dinner for me.

Con: Making Breakfast for dinner for my family and not enjoying a pancake.

Pro: Meals have great flavor and I never skip on my veggies because I know I am the only one who will eat them. The pre-portion servings make it easy to get my veggies in while the family eats a starchy food.

Con: Wedding and Birthday Celebrations. I went to a wedding last night and had to pick around my food. I have birthday cake in my house and will again at the end of the month.

Pro: Snacks! I have two snacks always ready. Super easy and convenient to toss in my purse and grab as I need.

Con: If I do it again, I would skip breakfast. I would rather make my own eggs and sausage daily.
Pro: Food is flavorful, I was afraid the meat would be bland, but it is well seasoned.

Overall, the food outweighs that bad. I am seeing excellent results and I am not dreading opening the freezer and picking a meal. I think my family likes it because they get to pick whatever they want for dinner most nights. Don't worry I am not letting them eat all junk food. :)

What I know you have been waiting for. In one week I am down 8.2lbs. I can feel it in my stomach and face for sure. I still have a long way to go, I know this program won't help me with all of it but it is definitely changing the way I look at food and portion sizes.

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: This program is being provided to me for free from Personal Trainer Food, but the opinions are my own.