Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monday --> Tuesday

Monday Recap:  Eating about 80% good, 20% needs improvement

On the workout front I started ChaLean Extreme DVDs, the Lean serious. Her arm workouts are so good and somewhere where I need serious help.  But you want to know what is super annoying, when your almost 7 year old ask questions the entire time you are working out. I was about to have her go take a nap with the baby just so I could get it done in peace.

I also joined the Run with Jess Summer Run Challenge.  You can join in the fun also on her website and Facebook Event. My goals for this event is to run or walk at least a mile every day. Totally doable, and start the C25K again! :)

Besides all of that fun, our Monday was a pretty standard. I feel like we just officially started summer, because even though my oldest was out of school last week she had a camp  in the morning. The highlight of my day was both girls actually slept in until 8:30am. Which meant that I was able to just relax this morning and not be up at 6am.

Bring on Tuesday. Goals of better eating and starting C25K.

How did Monday treat you?


  1. I actually got my butt back to the Y to take Body Pump once again ~ just because I hadn't been there since January means NOTHING....just because my arms are quite sore today means NOTHING...I got there and it felt good..I need to remember not to over indulge during the 4th fun festivities up north!!

  2. Monday I was tired and crabby and had to take a nap. I get so irritated when my kids keep bugging me while I am trying to work out. and it seems to be their favorite time to bug me.