Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to School Shopping

I like to start early when it comes to back to school shopping. My big kid grows so much and so fast, by the end of the summer she needs new clothing and shoes. One thing I learned after last year, is my kid needs durable shoes. No more cheap $15 shoes, otherwise I am buying her new shoes every couple of months. She also participates in a jogging club in the Fall, so I might as well start her off with good runners.
So far we have ordered the following pairs of shoes.  For a girl who says her favorite color is green, we seem to be getting a lot of purple.

Boy's KEEN New Port Premium $42.97 (sale price)
shhh, don't tell her these are boys

In first grade we went through three backpacks! Three how does that happen. Well, the first one was my fault we used it to pack for Disneyland and crammed to much into and the seam came apart. The second one was just a cinch sack and the third one is still around, but she says she cannot use the same bag.   This year as a second grader she really wants a messenger bag. Her reason, she wants to be like Daddy. So stinking cute, but I still want her to have back pack. Here are top two picks.

All items featured above are available via  I am working with them to feature products that are interesting to me and available through them. Also, I have friends and family discount coupons for regular priced items. Find something you like, message me and get a discount code.

Have you started back to school shopping yet?


  1. No shopping here yet. We usually get our backpacks from Land's End ~ my daughter used one all through elementary and my son used the same one all through his elementary years ~ finally, now going into 6th grade he asked for a new one ha! Land's End backpacks last for sure!!


  2. Super cute messenger bag! Although, I think a backpack is definitely a better choice :)

  3. My daughter begged for, and got, a messenger bag for 2nd grade. She ended up not really liking it because it gets heavy on one shoulder and it was harder to get books and her lunch in it. Anyways, just my 2 cents. I haven't gone shopping yet, not ready to think about back to school!

  4. I used to buy cheap shoes for my boys as well. They never last. I swear by Keen shoes! I love to wear mine and since I have 3 boys 2 years apart they all wear the same pair. And they last through THREE kids!! That's quality!