Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 photos that make me feel beautiful

You may have scene this floating around Facebook, I have been tagged a few times so I figured it was time to look through all of my selfies and find some that I am proud of.

Here we go in no particular order:

I dare you to look through your photos and find 5 photos that make you feel beautiful.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7 years - that went to fast

How did we go from this cute squishy little baby girl, to this big girl!

Seriously, this kid is amazing. We joke now that she is was not a real baby. She was sooooo easy compared to her sister and really most kids out there. Of course, we are getting it back full force with snarkiness from a girl who acts 15 already! I am not sure how I will survive when she hits the teenage years. For now, I couldn't be more proud of my girl, who will be starting 2nd grade in September and loves being a big sister.  Happy Birthday Genevieve "Evie"  Marie.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two steps forward

One step back! Uggh, I swear I am so injury prone. Or maybe I am just so in tune with my body that I know when to dial it back. On Friday, my back started acting up. The old injury from December of 2011 a lower lumbar injury. Basically, it feels like my left hip is all out of whack but it is my lower back.

I am not giving up on my running/walking streak. I am just modifying it, which works because I have a crazy week. My goal will continue to be 1 mile a day, if I feel good after I will do 20-30 minutes on the spin bike. I know that does not aggravate my back that much. 

Why is this week crazy! Wednesday my baby, my first baby girl turns 7! It feels like yesterday I was holding her in my arms. We are going to Great Wolf and plan to have us much fun as we can. Then once we are recovered from that birthday fun, my baby baby girl turns 1 on Saturday! Now, how did that happen. I was just pregnant and complaining about round ligament pain right.

With all the birthday's coming up today I need to wrap presents, some  how! These girls are into everything and I get no privacy when they are wake. Think I can get the 7 year old to take a nap?

How do you deal with injury? Are you a person who pushes through or rests up?
If I was training for something I would probably push through. Since, I am taking it easy getting back into things I am voting for resting.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Saturday, I attended the Oso Strong 5K as a vendor.  I brought my Posh goodies and handed out samples.
This event, a small hometown supported event was handled flawlessly. They had a Zumba warm up, followed by a moment of silence to remember those lost. Then a dove release! It was beautiful and moving.
The runners started off in waves, followed lastly by the walkers. While I waited for everyone to come back I snacked on some pistachios.  Planning my meals for when I am going to be away is difficult, but to stay on track. 
As people finished, the DJ encouraged everyone to line the fence as the last couple of people crossed the finish line, flanked by family, fire fighters and friends. A survivor, walking with a boot on her foot, pushing her baby who was also one of the few to be rescued. It was emotional, it was amazing and I hope it will bring them some peace.  As of this writing, over $5,000 was raised on the day of the event in cash alone. Credit cards, donations from vendors and other donations are still waiting to be counted. 
Not a dry eye around!
The day was beautiful, the sun was out and I was thankful for my  Merrell All Out Rush ($119.95 at Online Shoes) to keep my feet comfy on the uneven terrain.  

I feel blessed to be a part of this even and I hope next year I can come back as a sponsor again.
How was your weekend?.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 2 Recap vlog style - PTF

I hate doing video's and I have no make up and remember my baby does not sleep through the night. So this is me, unedited and only took two attempts.  ENJOY!

Week 1: 8.2lbs
Week 2: 2.2lbs
Total Weight Lost 10.4

Things are going good. I have a couple challenges coming up next week when we head to Great Wolf with the family. Do I pack my food or eat following the meat, veggie and egg motto when I am there?  Right now, I am leaning on packing everything with me. No excuse to mess up. We will see as we get closer to the leaving.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Disclaimer: This program is being provided to me for free from Personal Trainer Food, but the opinions are my own.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


1. Diet and exercise are on point.  I had one of the best meals yet it Personal Trainer Food yesterday.  Chicken teriyaki - it was sooooo good. I wanted to dig through my freezer and have it again for dinner, but I decided to hold off.

2.  I drink a lot of water, to the point where I was getting tired of refilling my Brita filter pitcher all day. My husband came home from a bachelor party with this container. We decided it would be perfect to put in the fridge and fill up nightly. I have yet to empty it completely in one day, but I have gotten close.

3. I really need some more running clothing. Doing a running streak makes me realize I don't have enough and often wear dirty clothing to run in. Don't judge, I just don't feel like doing laundry every day. Looks, like I need to stop by Target and pick up a few more pairs of capri's.

Do you drink enough water? Are you an over-drinker like me?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to School Shopping

I like to start early when it comes to back to school shopping. My big kid grows so much and so fast, by the end of the summer she needs new clothing and shoes. One thing I learned after last year, is my kid needs durable shoes. No more cheap $15 shoes, otherwise I am buying her new shoes every couple of months. She also participates in a jogging club in the Fall, so I might as well start her off with good runners.
So far we have ordered the following pairs of shoes.  For a girl who says her favorite color is green, we seem to be getting a lot of purple.

Boy's KEEN New Port Premium $42.97 (sale price)
shhh, don't tell her these are boys

In first grade we went through three backpacks! Three how does that happen. Well, the first one was my fault we used it to pack for Disneyland and crammed to much into and the seam came apart. The second one was just a cinch sack and the third one is still around, but she says she cannot use the same bag.   This year as a second grader she really wants a messenger bag. Her reason, she wants to be like Daddy. So stinking cute, but I still want her to have back pack. Here are top two picks.

All items featured above are available via  I am working with them to feature products that are interesting to me and available through them. Also, I have friends and family discount coupons for regular priced items. Find something you like, message me and get a discount code.

Have you started back to school shopping yet?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some things just make me see RED

I heard a story over the weekend that just pisses me off. A women, we will call her C, she was participating in 5K (last weekend). This was a big deal for her. See she has Fibromyalgia, a Degenerative Disk Disease and is overweight. C has been working to walk the 5K since January - something she was looking forward to doing and enjoying.  She was walking it with a friend and told her friend to go ahead because she didn't want to hold her back. I think we have all been there no matter what size we are.

So after she sends her friend off ahead of her she a guy on the course starts heckling her and making snide comments. He had the audacity to tell her that she had no business being there. He continued to go on and tell her she was too fat and would die on the course. She ignored his rude comments, but then he had the nerve to push her into the rail about a mile in once he had decided he had bothered her enough.  Because the course was on dirt road that was uneven, she twisted her ankle. 

But you know what, she didn't give up.  Instead she pushed through and finished the 5K in 56 minutes. What I love most about this story is C happened to see the jerk after the event. She went over and said Thanks for pushing me into the rail and obviously I didn't die.  Even better then that, this has not stopped her from wanting to do another event.  I am proud of her even though I barley know here. I am pissed for her because people continue to think it is okay to treat people with such disrespect.

After getting worked up from hearing the story and then again I as I typed this out, I have to remind myself of on of my favorite rules to live by:

So remember, when you want to question why someone is running STOP! Just be happy that they are trying to do something to better themselves and think about why you can do to be a better person.

Have you ever experienced rudeness on a race course?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty mellow for us. I am sad to say the weather cooled down and I actually wore jean's on Sunday.  In other news, I have completed Day 10 on my Personal Trainer Food Program and finally wised up to not microwaving everything.

The microwave is great because it makes the meal quick and easy to do, while making the rest of my family a meal. It allows me to sit down and eat with them. However, not everything taste good microwaved, well actually it starts to taste the same. Or at least that is my thought.  While I was making my family dinner on Sunday, I decided just to toss it all in a frying pan and warm it up that way. Seriously, best idea every. I know, I am a genius that it took me that long to figure out.

Steak Fajita Seasoned and Veggie Mix

In other, other news my 11 month old is trying to give me a heart attack. Besides, crawling early, walking early and now being a crafty little nugget, she is climbing on EVERYTHING.

Picture on Saturday, kid chair

Picture on Sunday, dinning room table chair
How did she learn this so fast! She was so proud that she was up there.  I am still in shock that she is going to be ONE in 13 days! Where has the time gone.
How was your weekend?
Disclaimer: This program is being provided to me for free from Personal Trainer Food, but the opinions are my own. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Week 1 Update - PTF

Today, is the start of day of 8 of my Personal Trainer Food Program.  Before, I get to the exiting results I want to share a little few pros and cons that I have experienced so far.

Pros: Meals are super easy to make, about 4 minutes total and I have complete dinner for me.

Con: Making Breakfast for dinner for my family and not enjoying a pancake.

Pro: Meals have great flavor and I never skip on my veggies because I know I am the only one who will eat them. The pre-portion servings make it easy to get my veggies in while the family eats a starchy food.

Con: Wedding and Birthday Celebrations. I went to a wedding last night and had to pick around my food. I have birthday cake in my house and will again at the end of the month.

Pro: Snacks! I have two snacks always ready. Super easy and convenient to toss in my purse and grab as I need.

Con: If I do it again, I would skip breakfast. I would rather make my own eggs and sausage daily.
Pro: Food is flavorful, I was afraid the meat would be bland, but it is well seasoned.

Overall, the food outweighs that bad. I am seeing excellent results and I am not dreading opening the freezer and picking a meal. I think my family likes it because they get to pick whatever they want for dinner most nights. Don't worry I am not letting them eat all junk food. :)

What I know you have been waiting for. In one week I am down 8.2lbs. I can feel it in my stomach and face for sure. I still have a long way to go, I know this program won't help me with all of it but it is definitely changing the way I look at food and portion sizes.

Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: This program is being provided to me for free from Personal Trainer Food, but the opinions are my own.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mileage Increase

The general rule is that you are not supposed to increase your mileage more then 10% at a time from week to week when you are starting out.

I am starting out, yes I have run in the past but post baby I am back at square one. My first week of the streak I just wanted to see how far I could go in 20-25 minutes a day. I did a little over 9 miles. I decided the next week I would shoot for 10 miles, and I just barley made it at 10.01. I wasn't focusing on the mileage at that point. For week 3, I went up to 11 miles following the 10% guideline. So far, I am on track to make my goal but I have to stay on top of it and not get lazy.

Yes, I know its 20-25 minutes a day of running how can I get lazy? Well, that is easy I can walk. Especially when my garage is HOT!   I was looking for tips to determine how much I should increase each week and found some good ones on Best Running Tips. Some of the tips I really agreed with, besides the obvious of listen to your body are:

  • Increase the length of half of your runs Do not increase the length of all your runs at once. Instead, increase the length of about half of your runs. When you do four workouts per week, then increase the length of only two of your runs. When you run three times a week, increase the length of every second run.
  • Increase with only one mile at a time Be cautious with adding too many miles to one
These are two rules I am going to implement next week. This week, I figured if I just ran a minimum of 1.5 miles every day I would be fine. Because I am sllllooooooww that means running everyday and a few days going over 1.5 miles. I think next week, I will increase by 1 mile, but then work out a schedule for the mileage. Making 3 days longer days.  I will see how that works as I continue my streak and improve my running.

Do you follow any rule when you increase mileage?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's getting Hot in here

It is so warm in my house. I worked out in an over hot garage, I about died. Really, I could hardly breath because of the heat.  I was also pushing myself since I upped my mileage for this week. Yes, I am saying going for 11 miles this week is upping it. 

I ran for 23 minutes and clocked 1.76 miles. That is a distance record since I started my streak. I am trying to be proud of the little things.
Personal Trainer Food

Another moment I am proud of is day 4 of my better eating.
My eats yesterday were:

  • Western Omelet with Sausage Patty
  • 2 beef sticks and pistachios for snacks
  • Lunch was a garlic, cheese sausage and veggies
  • Dinner was a spicy chicken breast and broccoli
One thing I am re-learning is portion control and how much I actually need to eat.  I was at the Children's Museum with my kiddos on Monday and painted on the wall was this quote.

It was another one of those light bulb moments. I feel like this plan is showing me and involving me. Making it so that when it is over I can transition smoothly into doing this myself.  I am not going to lie, I am getting antsy to step on the scale. I usually step on it daily,  so it is hard not to step on and see how I am doing.

How did Monday treat everyone?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Update

I survived.

We are having a bit of a heat wave her in Washington and with the husband away and starting the new eating plan I feel lucky to survive.  Most homes in Washington don't have A/C like I have mentioned a million times. It was getting as hot as 80 degrees by the end of the night and then down to about 72 degrees in our house at night. That was not enough, to cool down the house. I will say I am thankful that I started my Personal Trainer Food this weekend. It is so easy to make in the microwave.  I don't think I turned on the oven once. Then I just had to cook for the kids and well, they are easy. :)

If you follow me on Twitter then you have already scene these. Here is what I have been eating over the past three days.

I will say the hardest part is portioning out the nuts. I just do it right away and then walk away. I love that you get a variety of nuts. The ones I had the first two days were BBQ seasoned almonds, then yesterday I had pistachios.  I try to eat an apple a day if I can.  I am not supposed to weigh in for two weeks, but I can already tell my stomach is not feeling bloated, I call that a win. I am going to weigh in on Friday just to see where I am at.

I am on track with my walking. The program has you walk 20 minutes a day. I started Jun 30th, doing 20 minutes of run/walk. I am happy to say that I have completed the last two weeks. Last night, it was 82 in my garage so I broke out my running skirts. Way to hot to run in carpis. I look forward to them fitting better as I improve.  Last week my goal was 10 miles. I just barley made it.  My goal for this week is 11 miles.  I might have run a little more or add a little time, I only pushed it to 1.5 miles twice last week and I need hit that every day plus a little more to hit 11 miles. I may need to revisit this goal.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Spotlight - Summer Spritzer

What Is It?: 
A concentrated tablet of cooling and refreshing essential oils and aloe.

What Does It Do?:
Cools, refreshes, and nourishes hot, dry skin with a quick, cooling mist.

How To Use It:
Drop one fizzing tablet into about 4 ounces (one-half cup) into a mister bottle of chilled water. Shake vigorously until tablet is dissolved. Spray liberally over dry, warm skin as often as desired to hydrate and nourish.
Refreshing essential oil blend of spearmint and cucumber
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Friday, July 11, 2014

While the boys are away

My husband is off to a bachelor party this weekend. They are heading over the pass to play in the sun and do stupid guy things. I know I am a great writer right.

Why the boys are away I will be starting my plan from Personal Trainer Food Program.  I was expecting it to arrive today, but it arrived early. The FedEx man left this box on my doorstep.

The box was huge and I knew I was going to have problems fitting it all in my freezer. The downside of having a bottom freezer, they are not very big.  After a little about 20 minutes of rearranging what little food I had in there I was able to get it all to fit.  24-48 hours before you start you are supposed to fast if medically possible. I started my fast that morning and survived the first day. One advantage of my husband being gone for the weekend. I only have to worry about feeding the kids. Makes it easier to fast and to stay on my plan. So, here we go. 

This weekend the only obstacle I will have to overcome is a birthday party.  Thankfully, it is in a restaurant so as long as I stick to proteins and veggies I will be sticking to the plan. Skipping the cake will be no problem, well that is lie I will be wishing I could eat it, but I know skipping won't hurt me. It will be better for me.
Have any good plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Chance - Personal Trainer Food Program

Remember a few weeks ago, when I said I was offered to try a program that would provide me with all of my food I need to eat for a month. I was scared, I was concerned that I would fail and give up. Then I found myself watching Extreme Weight Loss and thinking about how lucky these people are to be given this chance. I knew I had to look into this program more.

I was reading through one of the documents on the program and I said "I have to do this".

I have often compared weight loss for me to a person who struggles with quitting smoking.  I don't understand why it is so hard for people to quit smoking, all the health risk. Yet, I struggle to lose weight and I feel there are just as many health risks. I have had several people tell me that quitting smoking is easier, but I am not comparing the two, I just know losing weight is a struggle for me.

This was my chance, this is being handed to me I and I was actually ashamed that I was going to turn it down.  So here I am. My goal is to start Saturday the 11th and for 28 days I will be following the Personal Trainer Food Program.  I am getting this program for free and plan to share my experience the good and the bad. I know there is going to be moments that are very difficult. I am excited to have a weight loss coach to ask questions to and figure out how to make the best choices.

My biggest concern is changing my coffee habit. I can use non dairy powder creamer, but need to not sure sugar. Because, I don't like my coffee without sugar or lots of creamer, I am probably going to give it up. I need to figure that out asap.

Reading through the do's and don't guideline I was excited the DO side was longer then the don't. Of course, the bad is out processed, sugars, lots of starch's an the goods are in protein and veggies.  I was able to pick my menu and I pretty much picked one or more of everything so I had a good variety.

I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Wish me luck.
Disclaimer: This program is being provided to me for free from Personal Trainer Food, but the opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What I am reading?

I am reading 3 books! I never do that, I just can't commit to one, so I am slowly reading three.

1. Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great I picked up this book from an Instagram photo. I  am always looking for cookbooks that will help me eat lower carb but still have good tasting food.

2. Honey, Do You Need a Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner  I read about this one on Kerrie's list.  I have been laughing my laugh off and can't wait to have more time to actually read it.

3. The 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally If you have been reading my blog long you know I have sugar issues. I am trying to figure out the easiest way to do that. This book has some good ideas an even better looking recipes.

Read any good books lately?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Out with the old

In with the new!

I have finally started putting some miles on my new shoes, and my old Mizuno's have officially been retired to walking or kicking around the house shoes. I love those things, but they are no good for my knees anymore. 

Of course, I may need to wrestle them out my Miss Jilly's grubby little fingers. This kiddo is obsessed with shoes and since she has been walking for 2 months already, she likes to hide them. The brighter the more attracted she is to them. No shoe is safe in our house. 

 Old Shoes Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 (See the Inspire 10s)

Last Monday I started the Summer Run Challenge, with a challenge to run/walk at least 20 minutes or 1 mile I day.  I am proud to say that I have done that EVERYDAY!   My own little mini streak!  I know, it is only a week and  my mileage is low, but sometimes its the little things.

My youngest has joined her sister in the love of all things sparkly! I found her digging through  my running gear the other day and she walked around with this pink sparkle skirt snuggling it for long time.   

I hope everyone had a great a save 4th of July and weekend! Bring on Monday. Wait, who am I! Bring on Monday, that is just crazy! 
All shoes featured above are available via  I am on a panel for them and working with them to feature shoes. Thank you for supporting a local Seattle Company. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Spotlight - Sugar Lip Scrub

Show tired lips some sweet lovin’. Natural sugar exfoliates and rich butters moisturize the most tuckered pucker. Rub it on. Smooth it over your lips and leave on to enrich. No need to wash off.

I use my Sugar Lip Scrub every night before bed.  It seriously keeps my lips feeling amazing and smooth.

What Does It Do?: 
Rubs away tired dry and flaky skin on lips and nourishes with rich oils and butters to reveal a soft, kissable pucker.
How To Use It: 
Apply generously to clean lips. Rub lips together gently just a couple of times, or rub with finger in a circular motion. Let butters sit and settle. No need to wash off. Simply lick or wipe away any excess sugar.
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

I did it all for the cookie

After 9 months of being pregnant and then 11 months of getting my iron up to a normal state, I was able to donate blood yesterday.  They have been calling for the past 11 months, asking me to come in. When they called last week saying they had  low supply for O- blood. I figured it was time to go in. With the 4th of July coming up, I figured some crazy people might need my blood. I had an appointment in the middle of the day so I was able to leave the kids with the husband.

I didn't want to get up when I was done. The chairs are super comfy in a relaxed position, it was quiet and air conditioned. 

When, I finally got up I was happy for the cookie and a cup of coffee.  I may of had two cookies.

Since, I had an appointment I made sure to get my 20 minutes of run/walk in before I left. For day 3 I completed 1.25 miles.
Do you donate blood?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weather Wednesday

We had an AMAZING day yesterday!!! It was so warm out. I loved every minute of it. Well, that is a lie I didn't like the 20 minutes on the treadmill because it was 77 in my garage. That was by far the coolest place. It was still hotter outside at 8PM, then in my garage. What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?
Day 2 - walked/run for 20 minutes a total of 1.2 miles. I know I am super fast, but I am not comparing to anyone and trying to start again injury free.

After I finished my workout, I watched Extreme Weight Loss. I don't want to ruin it for anyone but I am not sure what I think of this season and they way the bring everyone away for 3 months. It is interesting having Heidi Coach, but I am still on the fence.  If you watched what did you think?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monday --> Tuesday

Monday Recap:  Eating about 80% good, 20% needs improvement

On the workout front I started ChaLean Extreme DVDs, the Lean serious. Her arm workouts are so good and somewhere where I need serious help.  But you want to know what is super annoying, when your almost 7 year old ask questions the entire time you are working out. I was about to have her go take a nap with the baby just so I could get it done in peace.

I also joined the Run with Jess Summer Run Challenge.  You can join in the fun also on her website and Facebook Event. My goals for this event is to run or walk at least a mile every day. Totally doable, and start the C25K again! :)

Besides all of that fun, our Monday was a pretty standard. I feel like we just officially started summer, because even though my oldest was out of school last week she had a camp  in the morning. The highlight of my day was both girls actually slept in until 8:30am. Which meant that I was able to just relax this morning and not be up at 6am.

Bring on Tuesday. Goals of better eating and starting C25K.

How did Monday treat you?