Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday blah

I didn't workout yesterday. Sunday, we went boating and when I stepped into the boat I did something strange and a shooting pain went all the way up my leg. While it doesn't hurt all the time I get these random pains in my leg and my back. I feel like a tweaked something.

With my lack of motivation and an built in excuse I didn't workout. I am mad at myself and plan to resolve that issue today.  Bring on the burn with ChaLean Extreme Burn DVDs. Starting next week I am going to switch to the Lean DVD for a month and see how it goes, so I need to finish out these workouts.

Guess who just turned 10 months Miss Jillian Grace!  She is a growing baby with 6 teeth, already walking, climbing up stairs (even though I hate that), and running at full speed. My baby girl is growing up way to fast. I feel like I should be planning her 1st birthday party but I just don't want to do it.

If you have kids, did you do big birthday parties? We did for our oldest, but she stopped wanting big parties at 4. Now we just do a fun family day.

Happy Tuesday!

- Jen

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