Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I have a sugar problem.

I have mentioned this before but I am just drawn to it, I want it I crave it. Have mentioned that I have a donut shop at the bottom of my hill, less then half a mile away. It makes the best lattes and they are cheaper then Starbucks. The problem is if allow myself to get a coffee, I can't seem to leave without getting a donut also.  This does not help my plan to lose weight.

This week I have been really focusing on not eating sugar and yet I still find myself mindless reaching for it. Sugar is not on my plan! I am reading a couple books on ways to help me work on this issue. As right now, I am not implementing anything as I just want to complete my 30 day plan I am on some what successfully. 

Has the plan I am on been a struggle. Yes and No! The plan itself is actually really easy to follow. It is my will power that is not giving me the results I want. It is Wednesday and I still have not done a full workout. I did some lunges, squats and push ups today but its not the same as busting out the weights.  I don't know why I just lost my motivation - the worst time ever to lose it.

Time to fake it until I get it back. I am writing this tonight as a reminder that I will workout tomorrow. I will commit to it 100% and continue with the plan I have in place.

A late Happy Wednesday!

- Jen


  1. You got this! Sometimes it takes a bit to fall back into a routine. I know it always takes me a week or two. Mind over matter :) Maybe try to find natural sugars like honey or fruit instead?

  2. Just know you are not alone!!! Very normal....we both need to get our mojo back...mine has been gone since about Jan/Feb. I am hoping it comes back soon!

  3. Sugar is my downfall, I love that stuff way too much. It is handy to not live close to anything like that but I do tend to keep a bag of candy stashed around somewhere to satisfy the craving,