Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Friday Five

1. To everyone running Seattle RnR this weekend - I hope you have a fabulous time.  The only time I ran it, it was a personal worst but it was the most fun I had at a race EVER - Read about it here SEA RnR Half

2. School is out for SUMMER! Yesterday, was day one of the kiddo home with me. It is going to take some getting used to having both girls home. Evie and I are already getting a schedule set on what our days will look like. I told her I need to plan time to workout during the day, so hopefully we can do it.

3. Summer starts Saturday!!! The first day of Summer, I am so excited! Let's hope the weather here decides it wants to be summer also.

4. I just booked a night at Great Wolf Lodge for July. It is for my daughters 7th birthday! We were going to go last year, but I was hugely pregnant. This year we will be hitting it up with a 7 year old and almost 1 year old FUN times. I can't wait.

5.   Today I will be watching for my UPS man as I have an order coming from Online Shoes.

  How cute are these! I love easy slip on shoes and can't wait for these to arrive. To bad I am like the last stop on my UPS dude's route. I hate waiting for things to be delivered.

Happy Friday!


  1. We are going to GWL to celebrate both of my daughter's summer bdays. And bringing friends! Such a great idea :)

  2. Those shoes are so cute! I also just drove passed the GWL yesterday on the way back from my marathon! It looked like a good time :)